The troll Zul'armon was tracking prey into the Swamp of Sorrows when he was knocked out and captured by trolls of the Atal'ai. When he awoke, he found that he was bound up to be cooked over a fire like a pig. The Atal'ai were planning to sacrifice him to Hakkar.

When a green dragon attacked the camp, Zul'armon made an attempt to escape by shifting himself off the pole and loosening his bonds, and then grabbing a rock to use as a weapon. With the rock, he defended himself from any Atal'ai that got too close. He noticed that the dragon was injured, and that the Atal'ai priest was chanting spells to injure the dragon further. Finding his backpack, Zul'armon drank a potion which put up a shield around him. The priest cast spells at Zul'armon but they just reflected back destroying the priest. This caused the rest of the Atal'ai to flee. The dragon nodded at Zul'armon silently and then walked off into the jungle. Zul'armon then made his way back home.[1]

References Edit

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