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Zul is a name of mysterious troll prophet. After the Cataclysm devastated Zandalar, Zul took a group of Zandalari warriors, led them across the globe, united the other troll tribes together, and began the assault on Pandaria to regain ties with the mogu.

He is voiced by Dave Fennoy.

Background Edit

Among the Zanchuli Council are many priests and mages of incredible power and forbidden knowledge. One of the most respected of these is Zul. Even as a child his dark and terrible visions had come true down to the last horrifying detail. He commanded fear and respect as one of the dark prophets: seers capable of witnessing great tragedies before they come to pass. Years ago Zul warned King Rastakhan of a terrible Cataclysm. For Zul had seen a vision of a great armored dragon clenching the world in his ferocious jaws. Months later Zul returned, bearing more grim news from his visions. He saw a legion of serpents pouring forth from a gaping fissure that tore open the floor of the ocean. Still, King Rastakhan did nothing. Finally, mere months before the Cataclysm, Zul returned. Tearing his clothes and throwing his staff to the ground, Zul spoke of earthquakes and tidal waves. He described the golden capital of Zandalar slowly sinking beneath the waves in the aftermath of the Cataclysm, its once-great people drowning as their mighty works slipped forever beneath the sea. He advised the council and the king to unite with the other troll tribes and to abandon their doomed homeland. Despite Zul's infamy, the council refused to believe in the scope of the disaster to come. Many felt that Zul was grandstanding to increase his own status and power. King Rastakhan tired of Zul and his troubling nightmares. To be rid of the prophet, he granted Zul the use of his largest ships, so that he and his followers could seek a new land if his visions came to pass. They scoffed as he and his followers began assembling a war fleet and reaching out to the lesser troll races. The old prophet sailed all around the oceans, meeting with the other tribes like the Sandfury Trolls and Drakkari. But Zul's vision were visions of the truth. Deathwing's Cataclysm rocked Zandalar to its foundation. The spine of the land broke in two, and soon, the city and all its riches began to slide into the hungry sea. The Zandalari people turned to their King for help, but there was only one Zandalari equipped to help them: The prophet Zul. Even now the mighty and enigmatic troll empire slides into the sea, and Zandalari peasants and warriors alike flock to Zul for guidance on what to do next. Led by Zul, the Zandalari have issued a call to Azeroth's embattled troll populations: unite into a single mighty empire and save their race from extinction.

Rise of the Zandalari Edit

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Standing to Vol'jin's speech outside of Zul'Aman, Zul was the leader of the Zandalari delegation that appeared at the meeting of the troll tribes, inviting them to join the Zandalari at Rastakhan's proposal.

Zul warning Rastakhan

Zul warning Rastakhan

Mists of Pandaria Edit

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In the wake of the mists vanishing around Pandaria, Zul has sent Zandalari scouts under the command of Prophet Khar'zul and Gara'jal the Spiritbinder to find out information about their ancient mogu allies. Setting up on the Isle of Reckoning, the Zandalari immediately go about invading Zouchin province, massacring a large percentage of it's populace in order to penetrate deeper into Pandaria. Eventually, the Zandalari discover and reconnect with the mogu clans inhabiting the mountains of Kun-Lai Summit. The Zandalari and the mogu immediately go about raising stone, jade, and terracotta warriors to fuel the mogu army which is intent upon retaking Pandaria from the Pandaren. Zul then orders the Zandalari to find information about the dreaded First Emperor of Pandaria, Lei Shen, the Thunder King. They find his body secured by several hundred terracotta soldiers. After taking his body away, the mogu enter to raise the terracotta to fight. Although the Zandalari succeed in resurrecting the Thunder King, Prophet Khar'zul and a large amount of the Zandalari invasion force are killed in the process. Lei Shen immediately allies with Zul and goes about uniting the mogu clans and the Zandalari.

Rise of the Thunder King Edit

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Lei Shen returns to his island citadel with the majority of Zul's Zandalari army and along with the Mogu, forms then into an enormous army which is bent on reclaiming Pandaria for the Mogu and Lei Shen. Zul orders the Zandalari to immediately begin land assaults on the continent itself.

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