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Zones are areas of the map with designated themes, mobs, and scenery. These areas have borders much like a state or country, and though invisible, they define areas.WoWOSG 9 They may contain subzones, cities, towns, villages, or instances. For example, the zone of Dun Morogh contains the subzone of Coldridge Valley, the city Ironforge, the town Kharanos, and the instance Gnomeregan.

World of Warcraft currently consists of five continents, Eastern Kingdoms, Kalimdor, Northrend, and Pandaria, as well of the realms of Outland and Draenor, which are sometimes divided into other sections which are also called continents, and further divided into smaller sections in-game known as zones.WoWOSG 212

In lore and the old Official web site (now defunct), a zone is usually referred to as a "region" (however, the community has basically forced Blizzard to start using zone instead). Furthermore, lore regions and in-game zones do not always match up (what may be a region in lore may be reduced to a subzone in-game, or some subregions may become their own zones).

For a graphical list, see Zones by level.

Zones by continentEdit

Eastern KingdomsEdit

Region Level PvP Status Key Towns Notes Map
Dun Morogh 1-10 Alliance Official alliance mini-iconKharanos, (Official alliance mini-iconIronforge) Dwarf and gnome starting, Gnomeregan instance WW
Elwynn Forest 1-10 Alliance Official alliance mini-iconGoldshire, (Official alliance mini-iconStormwind City) Human starting, The Stockade instance, Darkmoon Faire site; boats to Auberdine and Northrend Wrath-Logo-Small from Stormwind Harbor WW
Eversong Woods Bc icon 1-10 Horde Official horde mini-iconFalconwing Square, Official horde mini-iconFairbreeze Village, (Official horde mini-iconSilvermoon City) Blood elf starting zone WW
Gilneas Cataclysm-Logo-Small 1-12 Alliance Official alliance mini-iconDuskhaven, Official alliance mini-iconStormglen, Official alliance mini-iconKeel Harbor Worgen starting zone (phased for starting Worgen) WW
Tirisfal Glades 1-10 Horde Official horde mini-iconBrill, (Official horde mini-iconUndercity) Undead starting, Scarlet Monastery instance, Ruins of Lordaeron Arena, zeppelins to Durotar, Stranglethorn Vale, and Howling Fjord Wrath-Logo-Small WW
Ghostlands Bc icon 10-20 Horde Official horde mini-iconTranquillien, Neutral 15Hatchet Hills Blood elf favored, Zul'Aman instance entrance WW
Loch Modan 10-20 Alliance Official alliance mini-iconThelsamar Dwarf and Gnome favored WW
Silverpine Forest 10-20 Horde Official horde mini-iconThe Sepulcher Undead favored, Shadowfang Keep instance WW
Westfall 10-15 Alliance Official alliance mini-iconSentinel Hill Human favored, Deadmines instance WW
Redridge Mountains 15-20 Alliance Official alliance mini-iconLakeshire Human favored WW
Duskwood 20-25 Alliance Official alliance mini-iconDarkshire Human favored, Twilight Grove - Emerald Dream portal WW
Hillsbrad Foothills 20-25 Contested Official alliance mini-iconSouthshore, Official horde mini-iconTarren Mill WW
Wetlands 20-25 Contested Official alliance mini-iconMenethil Harbor Dwarf and human favored, location of Grim Batol; boats to Theramore Isle and Northrend Wrath-Logo-Small from Menethil Harbor WW
Alterac Mountains 30-40 Contested (merged with Hillsbrad Foothills with Patch 4.0.3a) Alterac Valley battleground WW
Arathi Highlands 25-30 Contested Official alliance mini-iconRefuge Point, Official horde mini-iconHammerfall Arathi Basin battleground WW
Northern Stranglethorn 25-30 Contested Official horde mini-iconGrom'gol Base Camp, Official alliance mini-iconRebel Camp Zeppelins to Durotar and Tirisfal Glades WW
The Hinterlands 30-35 Contested Official alliance mini-iconAerie Peak, Official horde mini-iconRevantusk Village Seradane - Emerald Dream portal WW
Cape of Stranglethorn 30-35 Contested Neutral 15Booty Bay boat to Ratchet WW
Western Plaguelands 35-40 Contested Official alliance mini-iconChillwind Camp Scholomance instance WW
Eastern Plaguelands 40-45 Contested
(Sanctuary within Ebon Hold)
Neutral 15Light's Hope Chapel, Neutral 15Ebon HoldWrath-Logo-Small Stratholme instance WW
Badlands 45-48 Contested Official horde mini-iconKargath Horde favored, Uldaman instance WW
Searing Gorge 48-50 Contested Neutral 15Thorium Point Several instances (in Blackrock Mountain) WW
Burning Steppes 50-52 Contested Official alliance mini-iconMorgan's Vigil, Official horde mini-iconFlame Crest Several instances (in Blackrock Mountain) WW
Swamp of Sorrows 52-54 Contested Official horde mini-iconStonard Horde favored, Temple of Atal'Hakkar instance WW
The Blasted Lands 54-58 Contested Official alliance mini-iconNethergarde Keep Dark Portal location - access to Outland Bc icon WW
The Scarlet Enclave Wrath-Logo-Small 55-58 Contested Neutral 15Ebon HoldWrath-Logo-Small Instanced Death Knight starting. Becomes subzone of the Eastern Plaguelands after its destruction during the Death Knight starting quests. WW
Blackrock Mountain 49-60 Contested BRD, LBRS, UBRS, Molten Core, BWL instances -
Deadwind Pass 55-70 Contested Karazhan Bc icon instance WW
Isle of Quel'Danas Bc icon 65-70+ * Contested Neutral 15Sun's Reach Magisters' Terrace and Sunwell Plateau instances -
Vashj'ir Cataclysm-Logo-Small 80-82 Contested Neutral 15 Kelp'thar Forest, Neutral 15 Shimmering Expanse, Neutral 15 Abyssal Depths Underwater zone; walking on seafloor possible. Contains Throne of the Tides instance. WW
Twilight Highlands Cataclysm-Logo-Small 84-85 Contested Official horde mini-iconBloodgulch, Official horde mini-iconCrushblow, Official horde mini-iconDragonmaw Port, Official alliance mini-iconFirebeard's Patrol, Official alliance mini-iconHighbank, Official alliance mini-iconKirthaven, Official horde mini-iconThe Krazzworks, Official alliance mini-iconThundermar, Neutral 15Vermillion Redoubt, Official alliance mini-iconVictory Point Grim Batol and Bastion of Twilight instances WW

* Based upon the flight path for Alliance characters becoming available at level 65 in Ironforge and the ability for level 65 characters to use it to travel to the island. (tested 6/25/2009) However, only level 70 characters can accept quests here.

Old pre-Cataclysm-Logo-Small Scribble Map


Region Level PvP Status Key Towns Notes Map
Azuremyst Isle Bc icon 1-10 Alliance Official alliance mini-iconAzure Watch, (Official alliance mini-iconThe Exodar) Draenei starting. Boat to Rut'theran Village and Stormwind. WW
Durotar 1-10 Horde Official horde mini-iconRazor Hill, Official horde mini-iconSen'jin Village, (Official horde mini-iconOrgrimmar) Orc and troll starting, (Ragefire Chasm instance), zeppelins to Tirisfal Glades, Stranglethorn Vale, and Borean Tundra Wrath-Logo-Small. WW
Mulgore 1-10 Horde Official horde mini-iconBloodhoof Village, (Official horde mini-iconThunder Bluff) Tauren starting, Darkmoon Faire site WW
Teldrassil 1-10 Alliance Official alliance mini-iconDolanaar, (Official alliance mini-iconDarnassus) Night elf starting. Flight point to Lor'danel. WW
Bloodmyst Isle Bc icon 10-20 Alliance Official alliance mini-iconBlood Watch Draenei favored WW
Darkshore 10-20 Alliance Official alliance mini-iconAuberdine Night elf favored. Cataclysm-Logo-SmallAuberdine destroyed, Flight point to Lor'danel for Boats to Azuremyst Isle Bc icon, Stormwind Harbor from Teldrassil WW
Azshara 10-20 Contested Official alliance mini-iconTalrendis Point, Official horde mini-iconValormok Cataclysm-Logo-Small Goblin secondary zone, retuned to 10-20 with Patch 4.0.3a WW
Northern Barrens 10-20 Horde Official horde mini-iconCrossroads, Neutral 15Ratchet Wailing Caverns instance WW
Ashenvale 20-25 Contested Official alliance mini-iconAstranaar, Official alliance mini-iconForest Song, Official horde mini-iconSplintertree Post, Official horde mini-iconZoram'gar Outpost Blackfathom Deeps instance,
Warsong Gulch battleground,
Bough Shadow - Emerald Dream portal
Stonetalon Mountains 25-30 Contested Official alliance mini-iconStonetalon Peak, Official horde mini-iconSun Rock Retreat WW
Desolace 30-35 Contested Official alliance mini-iconNijel's Point, Official horde mini-iconShadowprey Village Horde favored, Maraudon instance WW
Southern Barrens 30-35 Contested Razorfen Kraul instance WW
Dustwallow Marsh 35-40 Contested Official alliance mini-iconTheramore, Official horde mini-iconBrackenwall Village, Neutral 15Mudsprocket Onyxia's Lair instance. Boat to Menethil Harbor from Theramore Isle. WW
Feralas 35-40 Contested Official alliance mini-iconFeathermoon Stronghold, Official alliance mini-iconThalanaar, Official horde mini-iconCamp Mojache Dire Maul instance, Dream Bough - Emerald Dream portal WW
Thousand Needles 40-45 Contested Official horde mini-iconFreewind Post Horde favored, contains the largest Grimtotem base in Kalimdor and Razorfen Downs instance WW
Tanaris 45-50 Contested Neutral 15Gadgetzan Zul'Farrak and Caverns of Time Bc icon instances, location of Uldum WW
Felwood 45-50 Contested Official alliance mini-iconTalonbranch Glade, Official horde mini-iconBloodvenom Post, Neutral 15Emerald Sanctuary WW
Un'goro Crater 50-55 Contested Neutral 15Marshal's Refuge WW
Winterspring 50-55 Contested Neutral 15Everlook Blocked entrance to Hyjal WW
Silithus 55-60 Contested Neutral 15Cenarion Hold Ruins of Ahn'Qiraj and Temple of Ahn'Qiraj instances WW
Moonglade N/A Contested Neutral 15Nighthaven Druid favored; almost mobless zone,
except Eranikus (summoned, with mobs) and Omen (Lunar Festival only)
Mount Hyjal Cataclysm-Logo-Small 80-82 Contested To be announced Entrance to the Firelands, Location of the World Tree NYI
Uldum Cataclysm-Logo-Small 83-85 Contested To be announced Halls of Origination and Lost City of Tol'vir instances NYI
Ahn'Qiraj: The Fallen Kingdom Cataclysm-Logo-Small  ?? Contested To be announced Ahn'Qiraj's outdoor zone
Old pre-Cataclysm-Logo-Small Scribble Map


Bc icon This section concerns content exclusive to The Burning Crusade.
Region Level PvP Status Key Towns Notes Map
Hellfire Peninsula 58-63 Contested
(Sanctuary at Stair of Destiny)
Official alliance mini-iconHonor Hold, Official horde mini-iconThrallmar, Official alliance mini-iconTemple of Telhamat, Official horde mini-iconFalcon Watch Hellfire Citadel instances WW
Zangarmarsh 60-64 Contested Official alliance mini-iconTelredor, Official horde mini-iconZabra'jin, Official alliance mini-iconOrebor Harborage, Official horde mini-iconSwamprat Post, Neutral 15Cenarion Refuge, Neutral 15Sporeggar Coilfang Reservoir instances WW
Terokkar Forest 62-65 Contested
(Sanctuary within Shattrath)
Official alliance mini-iconAllerian Stronghold, Official horde mini-iconStonebreaker Hold, (Neutral 15Shattrath City) Auchindoun instances, Darkmoon Faire site WW
Nagrand 64-67 Contested Official alliance mini-iconTelaar, Official horde mini-iconGaradar, Neutral 15Halaa Ring of Trials arena WW
Blade's Edge Mountains 65-68 Contested Official alliance mini-iconSylvanaar, Official horde mini-iconThunderlord Stronghold, Official alliance mini-iconToshley's Station, Official horde mini-iconMok'Nathal Village, Neutral 15Evergrove Gruul's Lair, Circle of Blood arena WW
Netherstorm 67-70 Contested Neutral 15Area 52, Neutral 15Stormspire, Neutral 15Cosmowrench Tempest Keep instances, Eye of the Storm battleground WW
Shadowmoon Valley 67-70 Contested Official alliance mini-iconWildhammer Stronghold, Official horde mini-iconShadowmoon Village, Neutral 15Altar of Sha'tar (Aldor), Neutral 15Sanctum of the Stars (Scryer) Black Temple instance WW
Old pre-Cataclysm-Logo-Small Scribble Map


Wrath-Logo-Small This section concerns content exclusive to Wrath of the Lich King.
Region Level PvP Status Key Towns Notes Map
Borean Tundra 68-72 Contested Official alliance mini-iconValiance Keep, Official alliance mini-iconFizzcrank Airstrip, Official horde mini-iconWarsong Hold, Official horde mini-iconBor'gorok Outpost,Official horde mini-iconTaunka'le Village, Neutral 15Unu'pe, Neutral 15Amber Ledge, Neutral 15Transitus Shield The Nexus instances. Boat to Stormwind Harbor. Zeppelin to Durotar. Turtle boat to Dragonblight. WW
Howling Fjord 68-72 Contested Official alliance mini-iconValgarde, Official horde mini-iconNew Agamand, Official alliance mini-iconWestguard Keep, Official horde mini-iconVengeance Landing, Official horde mini-iconCamp Winterhoof, Official horde mini-iconApothecary Camp, Official alliance mini-iconFort Wildervar, Neutral 15Kamagua Utgarde Keep instances. Boat to Menethil Harbor. Zeppelin to Tirisfal Glades. Turtle boat to Dragonblight. WW
Dragonblight 71-74 Contested Official alliance mini-iconWintergarde Keep, Official alliance mini-iconStars' Rest, Official alliance mini-iconFordragon Hold, Neutral 15 Moa'ki Harbor, Neutral 15Wyrmrest Temple, Official horde mini-iconAgmar's Hammer, Official horde mini-iconKor'kron Vanguard, Official horde mini-iconVenomspite Naxxramas, Azjol-Nerub and Chamber of Aspects instances, turtle boats to Borean Tundra and Howling Fjord. WW
Grizzly Hills 73-75 Contested Official alliance mini-iconAmberpine Lodge, Official alliance mini-iconWestfall Brigade Encampment, Official horde mini-iconConquest Hold, Official horde mini-iconCamp Oneqwah Drak'Tharon Keep instance WW
Zul'Drak 74-77 Contested Neutral 15Ebon Watch, Neutral 15Light's Breach, Neutral 15The Argent Stand, Neutral 15Zim'Torga, Neutral 15Gundrak Gundrak instance WW
Sholazar Basin 76-78 Contested Neutral 15Nesingwary Base Camp, Neutral 15River's Heart WW
Storm Peaks 76-80 Contested Neutral 15K3, Neutral 15Bouldercrag's Refuge, Neutral 15Dun Niffelem, Neutral 15Ulduar, Official horde mini-iconGrom'arsh Crash-Site, Official horde mini-icon Camp Tunka'lo, Official alliance mini-iconFrosthold, Official alliance mini-iconBrann's Base-Camp Ulduar instances WW
Crystalsong Forest 77-80 Contested
(Sanctuary within Dalaran)
Official alliance mini-iconWindrunner's Overlook, Official horde mini-iconSunreaver's Command, (Neutral 15Dalaran) Dalaran floats above the zone. Violet Hold instance in Dalaran. WW
Hrothgar's Landing 77-80 Contested WW
Icecrown 77-80 Contested
(Sanctuary at Argent Tournament Grounds)
Neutral 15The Argent Vanguard, Neutral 15Death's Rise, Neutral 15The Shadow Vault, Neutral 15Crusaders' Pinnacle, Neutral 15Argent Tournament Grounds Crusaders' Coliseum and Icecrown Citadel instances WW
Wintergrasp 77-80 Combat zone Official alliance mini-iconValiance Landing Camp, Official horde mini-iconWarsong Landing Camp Zone is a dedicated PvP zone, even on PvE realms. Accessible only by flying mount or portal. Contains Vault of Archavon raid instance. WW
Old pre-Cataclysm-Logo-Small Scribble Map

The MaelstromEdit

Cataclysm-Logo-Small This section concerns content exclusive to Cataclysm.
Region Level PvP Status Key Towns Notes Map
Kezan 1-6 Horde Official horde mini-icon Bilgewater Port Goblin starting, but phased so only starting goblins can visit. WW
Lost Isles 6-15 Horde Official horde mini-icon Town-in-a-Box Goblin post-starting, but phased so only starting goblins can visit. WW
Wandering Isle Mists-Logo-Small 1-10 Contested Neutral 15 Temple of Five Dawns Pandaren starting zone. WW
Deepholm 82-83 Contested Neutral 15 Temple of Earth Therazane faction favored. The Stonecore instance. Combat 15 Aeonaxx rare spawn. WW
Tol Barad 85 Combat Zone Battleground PvP zone. Baradin Hold instance. WW
Tol Barad Peninsula 90 Contested Tol Barad Peninsula is a daily quest hub connected to Tol Barad battleground. WW


Mists-Logo-Small This section concerns content exclusive to Mists of Pandaria.
Region Level PvP Status Key Towns Notes Map
Jade Forest 85-86 Contested Icon-neutral-22x22ArboretumIcon-neutral-22x22Dawn's BlossomIcon-neutral-22x22Jade Temple GroundsIcon-neutral-22x22Tian MonasteryIcon-alliance-22x22Pearlfin VillageIcon-horde-22x22Grookin Hill Dungeons: Temple of the Jade Serpent WW
Valley of the Four Winds 86-87 Contested Icon-neutral-22x22Halfhill

Dungeons:Stormstout Brewery

World Bosses: Galleon

Kun-Lai Summit 87-88 Contested Icon-neutral-22x22Binan Village, Icon-neutral-22x22Temple of the White Tiger

Dungeons: Shado-Pan Monastery

Raids: Mogu'shan Vaults

World Bosses: Sha of Anger

Krasarang Wilds 87-88 Contested Icon-neutral-22x22Anglers Wharf, Icon-alliance-22x22Lion's Landing, Icon-horde-22x22Domination Point WW
Townlong Steppes 88-89 Contested Icon-neutral-22x22Longying Outpost, Icon-neutral-22x22Gao-Ran Battlefront, Icon-neutral-22x22Shado-Pan Garrison 

Dungeons: Siege of Niuzao Temple

Portals: Isle of Thunder

Dread Wastes 89-90 Contested Icon-neutral-22x22Klaxxi'vess Raids:Heart of Fear WW
Vale of Eternal Blossoms 90 Contested Icon-alliance-22x22Shrine of Seven Stars, Icon-horde-22x22Shrine of Two Moons

Dungeons: Mogu'Shan Palace, Gate of the Setting Sun

Raids: Siege of Orgrimmar

Isle of Giants 90 Contested World Bosses:Oondasta WW
Isle of Thunder 90 Contested Icon-alliance-22x22Violet Rise, Icon-horde-22x22Dawnseeker Promontory Raids:Throne of Thunder World Bosses:Nalak WW
Timeless Isle 90 Contested World Bosses: Chi-Ji, Niuzao, Ordos, Xuen, Yu'lon WW

Warlords of DraenorEdit

Warlords-Logo-Small This section concerns content exclusive to Warlords of Draenor.
Region Level PvP Status Key Towns Notes Map
Shadowmoon Valley (Draenor) 90-93 Contested Icon-alliance-22x22Karabor, Icon-alliance-22x22Lunarfall, Icon-neutral-22x22Anguish Fortress Dungeons: Shadowmoon Burial Grounds

Starting area for the Alliance players.

Contains rare-elite Swift Breezestrider.

Frostfire Ridge 90-93 Contested Icon-horde-22x22Bladespire Fortress, Icon-horde-22x22Frostwall, Icon-neutral-22x22Bloodmaul Stronghold

Dungeons: Bloodmaul Slag Mines

Starting area for the Horde players.

Contains rare-elite Nok-Karosh and Gorok.

Gorgrond 92-94 Contested Icon-horde-22x22Beastwatch, Icon-alliance-22x22Highpass, Icon-neutral-22x22Grimrail Depot, Icon-neutral-22x22Iron Docks

Dungeons: Iron Docks, Grimrail Depot and The Everbloom

Raids: Blackrock Foundry

World Bosses: Drov the Ruiner, Tarlna the Ageless

Talador 94-96 Contested Icon-neutral-22x22Shattrath City, Icon-alliance-22x22Fort Wrynn, Icon-horde-22x22Vol'jin's Pride Dungeons: Auchindoun WW
Spires of Arak 96-98 Contested Icon-horde-22x22Axefall, Icon-alliance-22x22Southport

Dungeons: Skyreach

World Bosses: Rukhmar

Nagrand (Draenor) 98-100 Contested Icon-neutral-22x22Grommashar, Icon-neutral-22x22Ring of Trials,

Icon-horde-22x22Wor'var, Icon-horde-22x22Riverside Post,

Icon-alliance-22x22Yrel's Watch, Icon-alliance-22x22Telaari Station

Raids: Highmaul

Contains rare-elite Mottled Meadowstomper and

Bloodhoof Bull

Tanaan Jungle 100 Contested Unknown

This area has not yet been opened and is locked until a later patch.

Ashran 100 Contested Icon-alliance-22x22Stormshield,Icon-horde-22x22Warspear This area is a 100vs100 PvP zone and requires players to enter the

area trough a call to arms or queue.


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