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ZoneLevel gives you an icon showing how your level compares to the range of mob levels in the zone.


  • Grey: max mob level is more than 5 below yours
  • Green: average mob level is below yours
  • Yellow: average mob level is at or above yours
  • Red: min mob level is more than 5 above yours


Command options
/zlvl minimap -- toggles level range in minimap name
/zlvl maptext -- toggles level range/selected zones level range in world map.
/zlvl icon -- toggles icon visibility
/zlvl lock -- will unlock/lock the icon.
/zlvl -- shows the mod help
/zinfo -- Get the info on the zone.
/zlvl fps - adds fps to icon.
/zlvl 1 - reloads ui.
/zlvl level - adds level to icon.
/zlvl honor - adds honor points to icon.
/zlvl honor session - adds your today kills/honor gained to the icon.
/zlvl cords - adds your current cords to icon.
/zlvl exptogo - adds how much more exp you need to level on bar.
/zlvl repbartext - adds your current state with watched faction. IE Neutral.
/zlvl repbartogo - adds how much more rep you need to rep up.


None. This is a stand-alone Add-On

Future Work Edit

Nothing as of right now.

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