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Neutral 32Zethresh
Gender Male
Race Naga
Affiliation Queen Azshara (presumed)
Position Warlord
Location Unknown

Zethresh is a naga Warlord.

Rumors abound that a large naga force, under a warlord called Zethresh, hides near Crestfall's west shore. Zethresh reputedly seeks to cleanse the ocean and her isles of human encroachment.[1] (LoC 101)

Crestfall isle has a community of fishers and boats, but aren't very amicable. The attacks of naga have incremented in the zone. A warlord Naga known as Zethresh hides within the western coast of Crestfall. South of Gilneas, Zul'Dare has been occupied by naga.

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