Zepik the Gorloc Hunter

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NeutralNPC 32Zepik the Gorloc Hunter
Race Wolvar (Humanoid)
Level 77
Health 11,379
Location Wherever summoned; The Sundered Shard
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Zepik the Gorloc Hunter is a wolvar quest giver summoned by [Zepik's Hunting Horn].


Zepik the Gorloc Hunter frozen solid.

He is also kept captive by the lich Artruis the Heartless inside the cave of The Sundered Shard.


Icon-shortcutSee also: Sholazar Basin NPCs

Quests Edit


  • Too soon! You have awakened me too soon! What is the meaning of this intrusion?
Reference to Ragnaros
  • You chickens are tougher than I thought! I'll have to improvise!
Reference to Mr. Smite
  • Flame! Death! Destruction! The black fire rages within my heart! I must... release it! Hahah!
Reference to Vaelastrasz
  • You ever fought big dragon or god or anything? Zepik like hearing stories.
Reference to Onyxia, Nefarian, Azuregos, Emeriss, Lethon, Ysondre or Taerar; and to C'Thun or Yogg-Saron

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