• Watch nah, ye bogfiddler! I an' I gunna show ye 'ow a jig meant fe be jigged to!
  • Yah, me bredren! Galang now and puss us a grog, just dead men yahso.
  • Dis a rankin' set, mon, no scurvy dog gonna kass-kass me buckos an' walk awah!
  • Yarrrr, mon!

When talking to Zeh'gehn, he will say one of several options, but the players' response to him and his reaction to your confusion is the same:

  • Issa truut, matey! Neh tougher salts anyweh but da northsea freebootahs yahso, mon!
    Best not brindle s'mady, mon. Scuppah dat! 'Alf eedlat swabs get feh kiss da gunnah's dawta, mate!
  • Lookin' mighty cris, me bucko! Ye pillage a fat sutler? Best ye spread da wealth... don't be a craven choke puppy, mon!
  • Ahoy, mon! What be happenin', ye salty 'at steppa!
    Dis place be all chacka-chacka ye scallywag!
  • Ku ovah yonder, matey! Dat scurvy bobo be all up inne quashie's face. Dat hard-eared swab gonna get salt, mon... gonna get keelhauled and gonna be made into a duppy, mon.

Gossipgossipicon Um... what was that?

Now ye just be fass and facety, mon! Ye fixen' fe vex me, ye maga dog blaggard?
G'waan den, ye lily-livered scallywag. Be seen ya first light!

Trivia Edit

Zeh'gehn dives deeper than most trolls into the Rastafarian and Jamaican patois.

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