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This NPC is the old Zul'Gurub raid version. See Zanza the Restless for the 5-man, level 85, heroic mode dungeon version.
Neutral 32Zanza the Restless
Zanza the Restless
Race(s) Zandalar troll, loa
Level 60 Elite
Affiliation Zandalar Tribe
Location Old Zul'Gurub raid
Status Alive
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Zanza the Restless gives the quests to obtain the Zul'Gurub class enchants and the +10 nature resistance enchant Savage Guard. You can find him on top of the Altar located between High Priest Venoxis and Bloodlord Mandokir.


He starts the following quests:

See Zul'Gurub NPCs.


When approached him (at Neutral reputation)

I am Zanza, a Loa of Zandalar. I have come in this ethereal form from Zandalar to help my people. Hakkar has no dominion over my soul. I help those that have helped the Zandalarian people.

When approached at Exalted reputation.

A friend of the Zandalarian! You have ventured deep into the layer of the Blood God, <class>. You will do well to listen to what i have to say.
Many thousands of years ago, while the indigenous trolls of Zul'Aman were battling the invading high elf heathens, great magic was stolen from Zanza. The magic was used to enchant their weapons and armor to assist in conquering the trolls of the region.


He reveals that he created the magic used in Elven Librams which were originally his Savage Guard. When the High Elves first warred with the Amani Empire, they were baffled why, with their deep understanding of magic, they could not overcome troll voodoo. They since stole Zanza's magic teachings and used them against the Trolls.

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