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A token used for reputation with the Zandalar Tribe, it gives 50 reputation when used.

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This item is a quest reward from the following quests:

Zandalar Honor Token as a quest objectiveEdit

Zandalar Honor Tokens are required in exchange for reward items based on reputation with the Zandalar Tribe and quests.

1 Token (Honored) and Neutral 15 [58] Essence Mangoesω τ ϖ in Stranglethorn Vale

1 Token (Revered) and Neutral 15 [58] Zanza's Potent Potablesω τ ϖ in Stranglethorn Vale:

15 Tokens (Exalted) and Neutral 15 [58] Signets of the Zandalarω τ ϖ in Stranglethorn Vale

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