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Inv letter 16


This item is provided for Horde 15 [18] Journey to Tarren Millω τ ϖ.

Zamah's Note as a quest objectiveEdit

This item is an objective of Horde 15 [18] Journey to Tarren Millω τ ϖ.


Apothecary Lydon,

I hope this letter reaches you swiftly and its bearer in good condition. A need has arisen in distant Kalimdor that I believe will require your skills.

I will be brief.

A crisis develops in the Stonetalon Mountains, not far from our Tauren allies' homeland of Mulgore. The goblin-run Venture company is mining and lumbering fiercely in those mountains, enraging the mountain spirits.

I must assume the commotion these spirits cause through channels under the auspice of Tauren shamans and druids distracts them. For the Tauren consider the Venture Company in the Stonetalon Mountains a dire threat.

Threat or not, we must aid our allies.

Lydon, you have a broad knowledge of toxins. Can you devise one that we might use to spread a contagion among the goblins in Stonetalon?

Scholarly yours,
P. Zamah

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