For her appearance in the Jade Forest, see Yu'lon.
Yu'lon is a large cloud serpent that can be found within the Celestial Court[38, 53]
on the Timeless Isle.

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In addition to epic items shared by all the celestials in the area, Yu'lon will also drop:

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Yu-lon yells: The lesson of true wisdom lies within you dear heroes, and in the choices you make. When faced with overwhelming darkness, will you make the right decisions?

Yu-lon yells: The trial begins!

Yu-lon yells: Learn from your mistakes!

Yu-lon yells: Listen to your inner voice, and seek out the truth!

Yu-lon yells: Do not let your judgement be clouded in trying times!

Yu-lon yells: Your wisdom has seen you through this trial. May it ever light your way out of dark places.

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