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Ymirjar Berserker

A vargul member of the Ymirjar.

The Ymirjar are the elite warrior caste of the Lich King, the victorious vrykul in the battle of ascendance at Jotunheim.[1] They inhabit the city of Ymirheim in the center of Icecrown.[2]

They are made up of the frost vrykul and vargul races,[3][4] the latter seems to be the losers of the battle for ascendance. It is unknown why they are allowed to be in this group, but may have the role of servants.

Adding to the confusion, some members are normal vrykul[5], some are classified as humanoid,[6][5][7] and Kreug Oathbreaker is a flesh giant.

It is possible that the term "Ymirjar" was applied to things that were not Ymirjar due to time and/or development constraints.




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