Yinny is a human rogue and a member of the Alliance. She wields a dagger and shortbow and wears leather armor. She has combat expertise and weapon finesse. She knows backstab, evasion, finishing strike, improved feint, and tumble.

She was once hired by Molus Blackburn (who had been in disguise) to break into the lair of the necromancer Toren Snapjoint and destroy him. She was hired along with fellow Alliance members, including Widge Whistlevalve, Botrek Pahno, Cerise Moonrain, Jarlath Brewbelly, and Maith'hal. After battling Toren, his acolytes and his undead servants in the necromancer's cave, Molus entered the cave no longer disguised, and with some hired muscle. He attacked the weakened heroes, sending his orc thugs at them. The orcs had animosity towards humans, including Yinny. However, Botrek and the other heroes managed to defeated Molus after a tough fight.[1]

References Edit

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