Yi-Mo Longbrow is a pandaren and the nephew of Mei Barrelbottom. When Zhu's Watch[76.7, 8.6]
in the Krasarang Wilds is suddenly enveloped in a shroud of despair, Yi-Mo is affected the most. He wanders off into Zhu Province[81.3, 6.8]
, laying himself down so the thunderbirds can devour him.

Mei has none of it and sends anyone willing to bring him back to town. Though the thunderbirds try to pick him off, he is rolled successfully back, but is none too happy (or thankful) about it. It is not until much later, after Ken-Ken has devised a mystical hozen cure for the town, that the reason behind Yi-Mo's actions become apparent: he is possessed by the largest sha of them all.

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