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Xink's Shredder is a shredder unit summoned by using [Xink's Shredder Control Device] while questing in Dragonblight.



1. Inv axe 16  [Twisting Blade]ω ϖ 8 yd range—Deals 4500 to 7500 damage to a single melee target. (1.5 sec cooldown)
2. Inv misc sawblade 01  [Launch Saw Blades]ω ϖ 30 yd range—Shoots saw blades in front of the caster dealing 7500 to 12500 damage to up to 5 targets. (10 sec cooldown)
3. Spell shadow teleport  [Hustle]ω ϖ—Releases a burst of stored energy, increasing the speed of Xink's Shredder and slowing the speed of all enemies within 10 yards for 10 seconds. (1 min cooldown)
4. Spell chargepositive  [Emergency Repair Kit]ω ϖ (2 sec cast)—An emergency repair kit that restores 4500 to 5500 health to Xink's Shredder. (2 min cooldown)
6. Inv tradeskillitem 03  [Gather Lumber]ω ϖ (2 sec cast) 5 yd range—Gather lumber from marked trees in Coldwind Heights. (1.5 sec cooldown)


When summoned

Xink's Shredder ready and available for woodland destruction.

When dismounted

Xink's Shredder security features activated. Returning to base.


If soloing, best to use this vehicle during the quest Neutral 15 [74] Harp on This!

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