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"Color" elements are used in many object types. They can indeed be named "Color", but there are several additional possibilities:

  • Color
  • MinColor
  • MaxColor
  • BarColor
  • HighlightColor
  • FogColor

The primary use however is in "Texture", which in turn gets used in many places.

Attributes Edit

Attributes: r="#" g="#" b="#" a="#"

  • "#" is a value from 0.00 to 1.00
  • r is red
  • g is green
  • b is blue
  • a is alpha (transparency - 0.00 is completely transparent and 1.00 is completely opaque)

Details Edit

The Color element when used in a Texture element is applied only to an area with a solid block of color (with transparency). With other elements it can be used to change the color of the objects the element contains (such as the text in a fontstring). If you define file="" in the texture tag however Color will have no effect. You will have to use texturename:SetVertexColor()

Example Edit

<Layer level="BACKGROUND">
    <Texture name="$parent_TextureName">
         <Color r="1.0" g="1.0" b="1.0" a="1.0"/>

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