Wyrmrest Skytalon is a red drake lent to players by Corastrasza to be used in the quest Neutral 15 [80] Aces High! and the subsequent daily by the same name (Neutral 15 [80] Aces High!).

They also serve players in the third and final phase of the Malygos encounter.

Pointer mount on 32x32 This creature can be mounted.


  1. [Flame Spike]—10 Energy - Fire damage, your basic attack, and hits for ~1k generating 1 combo point
  2. [Engulf in Flames]—50 Energy - Fire damage, Finishing move DoT (1500 every 3), CPs add duration
  3. [Revivify]—10 Energy - Heal Over Time, 500 per second, stacks to 5
  4. [Life Burst]—50 Energy - AoE Heal (60yd friendly), 2,500 + (2500 * CP) over 5 * CP seconds
  5. [Flame Shield]—25 Energy - Reduces all damage taken by 80% for 1 + CP seconds
  6. [Blazing Speed]—Increase Flight speed by 500% for 8 sec

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