For the Hellfire Peninsula mob, see Wrathguard (mob).

The demonic wrathguard are members of the man'ari eredar species that act as an honor guard for the more important members of their race, leaders of the Burning Legion. They have long tails, digitigrade legs, horns, and a formidable suit of armor. The source of their clawed feet, features also seen in Lost Ones, raise a number of questions. Corruption caused by fel energies may be the cause of this mutation, as seen in the Broken and Lost Ones, or it may be an intentional augmentation made to Wrathguards in order to increase their mobility. They appear to be the man'ari analog of warriors. All or almost all wrathguards have a spell called Flame Wave. It is a long cast spell they aim at the highest aggro target. It provokes the appearance on the ground of a line of fire that slowly becomes longer and longer and deals heavy damage if you stand in it. It is advised to back up when they cast it, and when it is casted run sideways to avoid it.


Gallery Edit

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