• Wrath of Spellfire
  • 389 Armor
    +45 Intellect
    [+12 Stamina]
  • UI-EmptySocket-Yellow Yellow Socket x3
    UI-EmptySocket-Blue Blue Socket x3
  • Equip: Increases spell power by 140.
    Equip: Increases critical strike rating by 69.
  • Wrath of Spellfire (3 pieces)
  • Requires Spellfire Tailoring
  • [Spellfire Robe]
    [Spellfire Gloves]
    [Spellfire Belt]
  • (3) Set: Increases spell damage by up to 7% of your total Intellect.
  • Combined stats. Numbers in [brackets] indicate socket bonuses

Wrath of Spellfire is a cloth epic crafted set from the Burning Crusade. It is crafted by Tailoring .


All items are crafted via Tailoring

ItemCrafting Materials
[Spellfire Robe]14x Spellcloth, 16x Primal Fire, 4x Netherweb Spider Silk
[Spellfire Gloves]8x Spellcloth, 12x Primal Fire, 4x Netherweb Spider Silk
[Spellfire Belt]4x Spellcloth, 10x Primal Fire, 2x Netherweb Spider Silk


Wrath of Spellfire


Wrath of Spellfire
Inv chest cloth 02
Inv gauntlets 19
Inv belt 04

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