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Item Spell Power Int Spi Spell Crit Mp5 Haste Sockets Notes
[Fishy Cinch]603751----The Oracles - Revered
[Sash of Jordan]665555---UI-EmptySocket-RedBoE World Drop
[Sash of Phantasmal Images]684457----Mage-Lord Urom , The Oculus
[Elegant Temple Gardens' Girdle]684843-13-UI-EmptySocket-Yellow40 Emblem of Heroism
[Girdle of Bane]775138-13--King Ymiron , Utgarde Pinnacle (H)
[Sash of the Servant]7652-64---Anub'arak, Azjol-Nerub (H)
[Agonal Sash]765248--38-Anub'Rekhan, Naxxramas (H)
[Sash of Solitude]785837-18-UI-EmptySocket-BluePatchwerk, Naxxramas (H)

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