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Raid DPS Gear OverviewEdit

This guide covers DPS gear for rogues and feral druids.

DPS PvE weapons for Rogues emphasize expertise rating, hit rating, +agility, weapon DPS, armor penetration, haste rating, crit rating, +strength.

DPS (Cat) weapons for Druids emphasize +agility, armor penetration, +strength, expertise, hit rating, crit rating, haste rating. For feral tanking (Bear) weapons, consult Wrath tanking equipment (druid)

When fighting bosses in a raid, it is strongly believed the best place for melee DPS is behind the mob to prevent parry/block, and to allow Rogues and Feral Druids to use abilities like Backstab and Shred.

Head Edit

Item Attack Power Agility ArP Hit Haste Crit Sockets Notes
[Valorous Dreamwalker Headguard] IconSmall Druid +170+66+48--+51UI-EmptySocket-MetaUI-EmptySocket-RedKel'Thuzad (Heroic)
[Valorous Bonescythe Helmet] IconSmall Rogue +170+69---+58UI-EmptySocket-MetaUI-EmptySocket-BlueKel'Thuzad (Heroic)
[Hood of the Exodus] +134+84-+35+50-UI-EmptySocket-MetaUI-EmptySocket-RedGothik the Harvester (Heroic)
[Helm of the Vast Legions] +120+74-+43+48-UI-EmptySocket-MetaUI-EmptySocket-RedSapphiron


Neck Edit

Item Attack Power Agility ArP Hit Haste Crit Sockets Notes
[Favor of the Dragon Queen] +110+42+31--+41UI-EmptySocket-BlueHeroic Quest
[Pendant of the Dragonsworn] +96+38+28--+35UI-EmptySocket-BlueQuest
[Fool's Trial] +112+38-+28-+43-Naxxramas Heroic
[Titanium Impact Choker] +84+33+42---UI-EmptySocket-RedJewelcrafting

Shoulders Edit

Item Attack Power Agility ArP Hit Haste Crit Sockets Notes
[Concealment Shoulderpads] +132+54+45----Sartharion Heroic
[Valorous Dreamwalker Shoulderpads]IconSmall Druid +100+67+30--+49UI-EmptySocket-RedLoatheb Heroic
[Valorous Bonescythe Pauldrons]IconSmall Rogue +100+55--+43+58UI-EmptySocket-RedLoatheb Heroic
[Trollwoven Spaulders] +114+72-----Leatherworking


Back Edit

Item Attack Power Agility ArP Hit Haste Crit Sockets Notes
[Drape of the Deadly Foe] +126+42--+31+49-Kel'Thuzad Heroic
[Aged Winter Cloak] +110+38+28--+43-Naxxramas Heroic
[Hammerhead Sharkskin Cloak] +112+28--+32+43-25 Spell holy proclaimchampion 02
[Cloak of Mastery] +100+50-+21-+23-Sapphiron
[Ice Striker's Cloak] +100+24--+38--Leatherworking


Chest Edit

ItemAttack PowerAgility ArP Hit Haste Crit Sockets Notes
[Chestguard of the Recluse] +232+63+63---UI-EmptySocket-RedMalygos Heroic
[Valorous Dreamwalker Raiments]IconSmall Druid +154+85---+57UI-EmptySocket-RedUI-EmptySocket-YellowFour Horsemen Chest Heroic
[Valorous Bonescythe Breastplate]IconSmall Rogue +144+84--+62+44UI-EmptySocket-RedUI-EmptySocket-BlueFour Horsemen Chest Heroic
[Tunic of Indulgence] +170+68-+42-+71UI-EmptySocket-YellowUI-EmptySocket-BlueGrobbulus Heroic
[Chestpiece of Suspicion] +132+100--+67+50-Instructor Razuvious
[Tunic of Dislocation] +138+74--+43-UI-EmptySocket-RedUI-EmptySocket-BlueGothik the Harvester
[Darkheart Chestguard] +180+88+68----Knights of the Ebon Blade Exalted
[Skarvald's Dragonskin Habergeon] +80+60--+25-Skarvald the Constructor in Utgarde Keep


Wrist Edit

Item Attack Power Agility ArP Hit Haste Crit Sockets Notes
[Thrusting Bands] +76+56-+36---Noth the Plaguebringer Heroic
[Sinner's Bindings] +96+38--+24+41UI-EmptySocket-RedMaexxna Heroic
[Wristwraps of the Cutthroat] +112+38+32-+41--60 Spell holy proclaimchampion 02
[Cuffs of Dark Shadows] +100+38+25--+32-Heigan the Unclean
[Dragonfriend Bracers] +100+49---+38-The Wyrmrest Accord Exalted
[Advanced Tooled-Leather Bands] +100+36--+49--Loken Heroic
[Drake-Champion's Bracers] +86+43-+29---World drop


Hands Edit

Item Attack Power Agility ArP Hit Haste Crit Sockets Notes
[Frosted Adroit Handguards] +174+63-+58-+53-Malygos Heroic
[Dislocating Handguards] +150+55-+50---Grand Widow Faerlina Heroic
[Valorous Dreamwalker Handgrips]IconSmall Druid +114+59--+37+50UI-EmptySocket-RedSartharion Heroic
[Valorous Bonescythe Gauntlets]IconSmall Rogue +114+66-+38-+50UI-EmptySocket-YellowSartharion Heroic
[Gloves of Fast Reactions] +110+66--+49+38UI-EmptySocket-BlueWorld Drop
[Rapid Attack Gloves] +102+58--+40-UI-EmptySocket-YellowInstructor Razuvious


Waist Edit

Item Attack Power Agility ArP Hit Haste Crit Sockets Notes
[Belt of the Tortured] +150+53-+50-+43-Patchwerk Heroic
[Stalk-Skin Belt] +126+64--+36+62-Heigan the Unclean Heroic
[Jorach's Crocolisk Skin Belt] +116+40---+46UI-EmptySocket-Blue40 Spell holy proclaimchampion
[Blistered Belt of Decay] +102+66+33-+48--Grobbulus
[Sharp-Barbed Leather Belt] +132+45----UI-EmptySocket-BlueIngvar the Plunderer Heroic
[Trollwoven Girdle] +132+66-----Crafted


Legs Edit

Item Attack Power Agility ArP Hit Haste Crit Sockets Notes
[Leggings of the Honored] +196+76-+66+65-UI-EmptySocket-RedUI-EmptySocket-BlueSartharion Heroic
[Valorous Dreamwalker Legguards]IconSmall Druid +154+85---+55UI-EmptySocket-RedUI-EmptySocket-YellowArchavon the Stone Watcher Heroic
[Valorous Bonescythe Legplates]IconSmall Rogue +154+92-+42+58-UI-EmptySocket-BlueUI-EmptySocket-YellowArchavon the Stone Watcher Heroic
[Leggings of Fleeting Moments] +132+100--+55+77-Gothik the Harvester Heroic
[Infectious Skitterer Leggings] +200+77--+50+72-Maexxna Heroic
[Heroes' Dreamwalker Legguards]IconSmall Druid +138+73---+51UI-EmptySocket-RedUI-EmptySocket-YellowMaexxna
[Heroes' Bonescythe Legplates]IconSmall Rogue +138+81-+37+51-UI-EmptySocket-BlueUI-EmptySocket-YellowMaexxna
[Leggings of Discord] +126+90---+68-Maexxna
[Gored Hide Legguards] +180+89-+52---Gal'darah Heroic


Feet Edit

Item Attack Power Agility ArP Hit Haste Crit Sockets Notes
[Dawnwalkers] +148+50-+50-+57-Anub'rekhan
[Footwraps of Vile Deceit] +112+67--+49-UI-EmptySocket-YellowLoatheb&Heroic
[Boots of Captain Ellis] +150+37--+55+43-40 Spell holy proclaimchampion 02
[Boots of the Worshiper] +96+66--+51+38-Grand Widow Faerlina
[Boots of the Neverending Path] +122+51-+66---Argent Crusade Exalted


Rings Edit

Item Attack Power Agility ArP Hit Haste Crit Sockets Notes
[Surge Needle Ring] +112+41-+32-+43-Malygos
[Strong-Handed Ring] +82+56-+28+41--Naxxramas Bosses Heroic
[Greatring of Collision] +96+20+32--+41UI-EmptySocket-BlueSartharion
[Ring of Invincibility] +112+28--+3843-25 Spell holy proclaimchampion 02
[Hemorrhaging Circle] +100+49-----Gundrak Heroic


Trinkets Edit

Item Attack Power Agility Crit Effects Source
[Bandit's Insignia] +190-- chance of arcane blast Sapphiron Heroic
[Darkmoon Card: Greatness] -+90- chance of Greatness [Darkmoon Nobles Deck]
[Mirror of Truth] --+84 chance of +1000 Attack Power 40 Spell holy proclaimchampion

2H Weapons Edit

These weapons are only usable by druids.

Item DPS Attack Power Agility Strength Hit Haste Crit Notes
[Journey's End] 151+2354APB Druid Feral Combat+87+114-+75+57Kel'Thuzard Heroic
[Black Ice] 204+134+108-+72+58-Malygos
[Inevitable Defeat] 203-+80+100---Naxxramas Trash
[Cryptfiend's Bite] 203+200+51--+77+58Anub'rekhan Heroic
[Staff of the Plaguehound] 143+2084APB Druid Feral Combat+72+100---Kel'Thuzad
[Wraith Spear] 186+126+90--+45+68Maexxna
[Titansteel Destroyer] 186--+124+54--Crafted
[Argent Skeleton Crusher] 169--+84---Argent Crusade Revered


Melee Weapons Edit

Rogues should prefer the weapons they have taken weapon specialization talents for, and the Rogue abilities Backstab, Ambush and Mutilate are only possible when wielding a dagger. Druids cannot use Off-hand (OH) weapons, nor swords.

Item Type DPS Attack Power Agility ArP Hit Haste Crit Notes
[Sinister Revenge]Dagger 172+98+36-+37+24-Kel'Thuzad Heroic
[Calamity's Grasp]Fist(MH) 172+98+36--+24+37Kel'Thuzad Heroic
[Hailstorm]Sword 157+86+31+31---Malygos
[Split Greathammer]Mace 157+66+43---+29Patchwerk Heroic
[Webbed Death]Dagger 157+66+43-+21-+31Anub'rekhan Heroic
[Angry Dread]Mace 157+31+86-+25-+29Noth the Plaguebringer Heroic
[Widow's Fury]Sword 157+62+43--+25+29Grand Widow Faerlina Heroic
[Silent Crusader]Sword 156+86+21+25+31--Naxxramas Trash Heroic
[Twilight Mist]Dagger 157+86+25-+21--Grobbulus Heroic
[Murder]Dagger 157+86+25-+21+33-Sapphiron Heroic
[The Hand of Nerub]Fist(OH) 156+86+33-+21-+29Loatheb Heroic
[Titansteel Shanker]Dagger 143+106----+23Crafted
[The Fleshshaper]Dagger 143+76+22-+27--Sjonnir The Ironshaper Heroic
[Rolfsen's Ripper]Dagger(OH) 143+78---+50-50 Spell holy proclaimchampion
[Titansteel Bonecrusher]Mace(MH) 143+140-----Crafted
[Broken Stalactite]Dagger 130+48+26-+28-+33The Sons of Hodir Revered
[Greed (item)]Fist(MH) 143+80+29+22---Mal'Ganis Heroic
[Pride]Fist(OH) 143+76--+50--50 Spell holy proclaimchampion


Gems Edit

Item Attack Power Agility Strength Hit Haste Crit Matches Socket Notes
[Delicate Dragon's Eye]-+27----anyJewelcrafting 350
[Relentless Earthsiege Diamond]-+21---+3% DamUI-EmptySocket-MetaUI-EmptySocket-RedUI-EmptySocket-YellowUI-EmptySocket-Blue
[Delicate Cardinal Ruby]-+20----UI-EmptySocket-Red
[Glinting Ametrine]-+10-+10--UI-EmptySocket-RedUI-EmptySocket-Yellow
[Bold Cardinal Ruby]--+20---UI-EmptySocket-Red
[Delicate Scarlet Ruby]-+16----UI-EmptySocket-Red
[Glinting Monarch Topaz]-+8-+8--UI-EmptySocket-RedUI-EmptySocket-Yellow
[Perfect Delicate Bloodstone]-+14----UI-EmptySocket-Red
[Glinting Monarch Topaz]-+8-+8--UI-EmptySocket-RedUI-EmptySocket-Yellow
[Shifting Twilight Opal]-+8----UI-EmptySocket-RedUI-EmptySocket-Blue+12 Sta

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