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  • Wrapped Gift Package
  • Open to loot a wrapped gift
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A Wrapped Gift Package is a container item which can be opened to loot a gift item.

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Using a [Wrapping Paper] to wrap an item creates a Wrapped Gift Package container item which can be mailed or given to others.

Wrapping Paper availability price paper stripes ribbon icon gift
Wrapped Gift Package
[Blue Ribboned Wrapping Paper] (general supplies)50Copper whitenoneblue Inv misc giftwrap 03 Inv misc gift 03 [Blue Ribboned Gift]
[Red Ribboned Wrapping Paper] (general supplies)50Copper whitenonered Inv misc giftwrap 02 Inv misc gift 01 [Red Ribboned Gift]
[Empty Wrapper] (Love is in the Air) whitenonered Inv misc giftwrap 02 Inv misc gift 05 [Wrappered Gift]
[Blue Ribboned Wrapping Paper] (Feast of Winter Veil)10Copper whitegreenblue Inv holiday christmas wrapping 03 Inv holiday christmas present 03 [Blue Ribboned Holiday Gift]
[Green Ribboned Wrapping Paper] (Feast of Winter Veil)10Copper whiteredgreen Inv holiday christmas wrapping 01 Inv holiday christmas present 01 [Green Ribboned Holiday Gift]
[Purple Ribboned Wrapping Paper] (Feast of Winter Veil)10Copper whitebluepurple Inv holiday christmas wrapping 02 Inv holiday christmas present 02 [Purple Ribboned Holiday Gift]


  • Only one item can be wrapped by each sheet of Wrapping Paper.
  • The item to be wrapped must be non-stackable.
One item of a stackable item cannot be wrapped.
If an item can never be stacked, it can be wrapped.
  • The item to be wrapped must be non-soulbound (nor any other status that causes the item to be non-transferable).
This is because Wrapping Paper is not intended to provide a loophole in transferability.
  • The wrapped gift cannot be auctioned; no lootable item can be auctioned.
  • Until the wrapped item is opened, the original wrapped item is concealed.
The inventory icon for the wrapped item is a wrapped package in one of six color combinations.
The holder of the gift package can open the package without looting it to look inside at the original item.
Turn autoloot off, or hold down the shift key if autoloot is on.
There is no way to tell what is inside without looking.

Notes Edit

The existing Wrapping Papers in WoW all stack 10 high before use. The created gift packages do not stack. Only Wrapping Paper of the same type will stack.

There is an icon for wrapping paper Inv misc giftwrap 01 that is not currently used. It has a corresponding wrapped gift icon Inv misc gift 02, which is used [in other contexts.]


A common scam was to wrap up a worthless item and COD it to a player, hoping that they would accept and send back a large amount of gold for a poor quality item. This was fixed in a patch so players cannot mail wrapped items anymore. [citation needed] However, scammers now just send the wrapping paper itself now.


See Blue Ribboned Wrapping Paper.

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The Wrapping Paper talk page has a discussion of how the current limitations on what can be wrapped by Wrapping Paper items are not fundamental and could change.