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== has been discontinued. Instead the team behind the site are focusing on .''' ==
'''Wow db''' is a ''[[World of Warcraft]]'' meta-search information database and a WoW RSS Feeder. It returns links to related World of Warcraft Websites, but also searches sites for related articles.
RSS feeder:
* WOW RSS Feeder:
Data upload client:
* WOW DB Data Collector:
Future Development:
* A real World of Warcraft Database is in development, and is scheduled to launch spring 2007
* Stunning Web 2.0 Website
* WoW DB Data Collector release
* Support the project contact
* History: is a World of Warcraft Search Engine Database where you can search and find World of Warcraft Information. Also, it has a large directory of World of Warcraft sites.
<!-- Originally the first [[Mod]] Database, more info can be acquired from the [ Internet Web Archive]. THE TEXT FILES HAS SINCE BEEN REMOVED FROM THE MENTIONED SITE -->
== External links ==
[[Category:Fan sites]]
[[Category:Fan sites]]

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