WowJutsu (offline since sometime after 15-Jun-2011) was a site to track guild progression. It used the Armory's automatically updated profiles to tally how far a guild has progressed for all content post-Burning Crusade. This was accomplished by tracking the highest-level item worn by members of a particular guild when they log out, which means, for instance, a guild first kill in which the loot is disenchanted requires one member of the guild (probably the disenchanter) to equip an item and log out at least once in order for the progression to be tallied. It was important to note that WowJutsu's tallies for loot acquired before its initial release may be inaccurate, as there was no way to tell which guild a player was in when they acquired the item if it was acquired prior to the site coming online.

Since its release, WowJutsu had quickly replaced older, more tedious methods of tracking guild progression such as sticky forum topics, submitting screenshots to Bosskillers, and maintaining progression pages on WoWWiki. It had the added bonus of tracking the kills in real time without requiring verification such as a screenshot or video, and it would update accurately for content (e.g. Karazhan) that "major" raiding guilds consider not worth their time on forum threads. The site also allowed guilds to broadcast their world position on their site via HTML code to retrieve their ranking from the site.

The downside was that, in addition to tracking only post- Bc icon Burning Crusade content and potential confusion for kills that occurred before the site's launch (e.g. received the loot in Guild A but later joined Guild B), some guilds were not aware of the site's existence. Therefore if all of the loot from the guild's first kill is disenchanted without being equipped at least once, the guild may not have received proper credit. There was currently no way to remedy such oversights other than obtaining another kill and equipping and logging out with at least one item obtained from the boss. Another potential weakness was that the site categorized servers based only on being hosted in the US vs EU, so one could not browse/compare Oceania-only or compare PvE vs PvP servers without manually choosing the appropriate realms.

A Wowjutsu powered tool existed to address the above hindsight with categorization, for EU and US servers.

Teamed up with GamerDNA, [3], but the partnership program appears to have ended sometime after 13-May-2010.

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