Wounded Blood Elf Pilgrim can be found in Den of Haal'esh.[24.6, 76]
Her abandoned camp lie in Dustquill Ravine



The battered blood elf's face displays relief at your presence.

Please, <class>, get me out of this cage! I foolishly set out from Thrallmar ahead of the main group, despite Martik Tor'seldori's warnings.

I was set upon by horrible creatures that could only be the ravagers he talked about. I managed to drive them off, but that was only the beginning of my troubles.

As I bound my wounds, those bird men found me, dragged me back to this cave, and locked me in this cage! I must get to Falcon Watch!

When let out
Thank you for agreeing to help. Now, let's get out of here, <Name>!
When attacked
You won't keep me from getting to Falcon Watch!
1st attack
Over there! They're following us!
Allow me a moment to rest. The journey taxes what little strength I have.
2nd attack
Do you hear something?
Falcon Watch, at last! Now, where's my... Oh no! My pack, it's missing! Where has -

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Wounded Blood Elf Pilgrim cage

Caged up.