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|data2 = [ 1.4.1] (14 Juli 2012)
|data2 = [ 1.4.1] (14 Juli 2012)
|label3 = Development release
|label3 = Development release
|data3 = [ 1.5.8] (14 Juli 2012)
|data3 = [ 1.5.27] (14 Juli 2012)
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|header4 = Links
|label5 = AppDB Entry
|label5 = AppDB Entry

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"Wine" redirects here. For in-game drinks, see Drink#Alcoholic Drinks.
For dealing with common problems while using wine, see Wine troubleshooting.
Stable release1.4.1 (14 Juli 2012)
Development release1.5.27 (14 Juli 2012)
AppDB EntryAppDB: WoW Index

Wine is a free software application which aims to allow Unix-like operating systems on the x86 architecture to execute programs written for Microsoft Windows.


This article primarily talks about setting up Wine for running the MS Windows version of 0100WoW Icon 16x16 World of Warcraft. Wine also runs on Macintosh computers with x86 CPUs under Mac OS X, but since Blizzard makes a Mac OS X native World of Warcraft client, running it under Wine is unnecessary and even silly.

World of Warcraft had a client for Linux while it was in the beta phase of development, but it was later dropped and never officially released.[1] Currently, WoW is run on Linux by use of Windows compatibility layers. Given that the World of Warcraft client is no longer officially developed to work in Linux, the installation of it on Linux is a somewhat more involved process than on Windows, which it is streamlined to install more easily on. However, with some careful research, and a bit of patience, it's very possible to do so.

Alternatively a streamlined process of installation and Windows installation conversion is available via Play On Linux.

While this guide will only cover the Wine compatibility layer, WoW is fully compatible with Crossover.


Before you begin the installation, you should run the following simple command, which will check whether your video card driver has DRI enabled, which allows WoW to run much faster (you may need to install package mesa-utils or equivalent for your distribution):

glxinfo | grep rendering

Which should return a line similar to this:

direct rendering: Yes

If this line says "No", it means that the graphics data will be handled in software rather than directly by the graphics hardware, thus significantly reducing speed at which WoW will run. Thankfully if you are using relatively recent hardware, enabling DRI is usually just a configuration issue.

For more information about enabling DRI, refer to the information from your distribution's support guides on graphic card driver installation. For extended personal help, forums and chatrooms are usually a good bet. Just tell them what the Make and Model of your graphic card is and they will be able to point you in the right direction. As always, remember that search engines are your friend.

Installing Wine

Usually, installing the latest development version of Wine is the best option. However, sometimes Wine suffers from regression and some older version might perform better. If you are having trouble with one version, try another.

Distribution-specific methods

Different GNU/Linux distributions use different methods of installing software, which oftentimes makes it hard to make easy installation options available for all distributions, especially for large and complex projects like Wine. Luckily a lot of energy has been put into making the distribution native installation methods available for a large variety of popular distributions. Please see and follow the installation directions for your particular distribution.

Compiling Wine

If you were unable to install Wine with a method found on that site, or if you are an experienced user wanting more control over the installation, then you may want to look into compiling Wine from source code. See the WineHQ wiki for information:

Installing WoW

It is only required to use one of these methods. If you have a preference, or one approach doesn't work for you, then try another.

Method 1: Download the client

The simplest way to install the latest version of the full client is to get it from the Dashboard. Simply run the installer, follow the prompts, and you'll end up with a fully patched, ready-to-play game.

Method 2: Use a pre-existing Windows installation

If you're migrating to Linux from Windows and don't want to reinstall and repatch your client, it is possible to copy your existing installation to Linux.

To copy your installation from Windows, simply copy your "World of Warcraft" directory from Windows to somewhere on your Linux partition. Please note that because Wine can easily break a Windows installation, it is not recommended to try to access WoW without copying it to your Linux partition.

Method 3: Using installation CDs

This method requires you to monitor the installation in order to switch CDs, but is usually faster than downloading the game and can be done without an internet connection.

Insert disc 1 in the CD/DVD drive, and do the following (replace /media/cdrom with wherever you mount your CDs):

wine /media/cdrom/Installer.exe

Some dialogs during installation may appear blank or garbled, and the installer may even hang for up to 5 minutes at 100% CPU, while appearing to be doing nothing. Simply wait and click next when possible.

Note: If the text is too small, and it annoys you: Please install msttcorefonts per instruction of your distribution.

As the installer runs, you will be prompted to change discs. If the installer repeatedly asks for the same disc, try unmounting the disc before ejecting, then insert the next disc.

If you have problems ejecting CDs in wine try: Start winecfg, then select Drives, and click auto detect drives Your CD drive should be assigned a letter, like "X: /media/cdrom" Now you can use that letter to eject the CD from Wine with:

 wine eject X:

You should now be able to eject the CD normally. You may need to repeat this process for each disc.

No Installer.exe?

This may primarily be a Fuse problem, but may appear on other systems not using Fuse as well. Run the following command from a terminal:

 sudo mount -o remount,unhide /dev/cdrom

Note that your CD drive may not be /dev/cdrom! Check by running the command mount without arguments and look for a reasonable device (cd#, sr#, etc...)

Problems mounting the DVD (collectors edition for [Vanilla] and [TBC] and standard for [WotLK])

The issues might be related to either a defective (auto-)mount for the Hybrid Disks used (ISO 9660 and HFS+) or defective (auto-)mount without UDF support. For the Hybrid disks please refer to the specific documentation available on the internet. However the most likely cause is the missing UDF support when mounting the disc. In case it is mounted please unmount it

 umount /dev/drivename #(e.g. cdrom)

then use the following line to mount it again with UDF support:

 mount -t udf -o ro,unhide,uid=1000 /dev/drivename /mountpoint #(e.g. /mnt)


Start from the Desktop Icon

Double click the icon you find on your Desktop titled World of Warcraft, this will start the launcher. If you have never used something requiring HTML rendering with Wine you will be prompted to download and install the Gecko rendering engine, you should do this as it will enable the WoW Launcher to display news.

Start from the Terminal

Starting from the terminal is simple, just enter:

wine "C:\\Program Files\\World of Warcraft\\Launcher.exe"

(install when prompted about the Gecko rendering engine)

Or, dive right into the game with:

wine "C:\\Program Files\\World of Warcraft\\WoW.exe" -opengl

Menu icon

You can make a Gnome menu entry by doing the following commands in a terminal (you will need superuser/root rights):

mv Wow-icon-scalable.svg $HOME/.local/share/icons/
<your favorite editor> $HOME/.local/share/applications/wow.desktop

Add this to the text editor window, which should have appeared after the third command, change LAUNCHER in the Exec= line to command used to run Wow, and save:

[Desktop Entry]
Name=World of Warcraft
Name[hr]=World of Warcraft
Exec=wine LAUNCHER

Remember that you should also edit the Exec= line to reflect your WoW installation path, if you've installed to a special location.

Post-3.3.0 runtime error

Update to the most recent version of Wine or run:

 winetricks vcrun2005sp1

4.2 Launcher.exe hangs on "Downloading updated toolset..."

On Fedora 14, run winetricks in the console by itself. When the winetricks window pops up with its options, choose "install game", and pick the wow trial client.



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