Windows Vista is an operating system on computers released to the public by Microsoft on January 30, 2007.

More information regarding Windows Vista can be found at Wp icon Windows Vista on Wikipedia.

Support ended Edit

Support for WoW Icon 16x16 World of Warcraft running on Windows XP ended in October 2017[1] as announced in February 2017.[2]

Problems with Windows Vista and WoW Edit

Like every brand new major software release, it has its share of bugs that the developers didn't find fixes for yet. Below is a list of problems with World of Warcraft running on the Windows Vista installation.

Updating World of Warcraft Edit

If you are having problems with the updates running Vista, here is a workaround to get over the problems which are caused by user write permissions not allowing the update downloader files to be written.

Go into World of Warcraft program directory as follows...

  • For European English players:
    • Computer → Drive C → Program Files → World of Warcraft → WoW-2.0.0-enGB-Installer
  • Select the Installer.exe icon (bird with windows shield, also called Updater) and send to desktop as shortcut.

You can use the usual WoW icon on desktop to start WoW but if there is a patch/update available then use the new icon you have created but you must right-click and RUN AS ADMINISTRATOR. This will give write permissions for the new patch downloaders to be written and also start Blizzard downloader. After that, run the game.

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