"Celebrate Brewfest this year in style with an epic collection of World of Warcraft-themed steins. - Frost[1]"

The World of Warcraft Stein Collection (also refered as World of Warcraft Epic Collection Steins[2]) are a set of steins produced by 3 Point Entertainment, LLC, and licensed Blizzard Entertainment Inc. They are limited-edition stoneware steins feature panoramic bas-relief illustrations by the artists Samwise Didier and Glenn Rane. They are 11”-tall steins, hand-crafted following a 500-year-old tradition, and are topped with an etched pewter lid.[3] First two steins were released, one for the Alliance and one for the Horde, named: Alliance United and Blood of the Horde, respectively.[4]

The World of Warcraft Epic Collection Steins are now sold in Europe also. The first two shipments were sold out in the U.S., but limited supplies of the third and final shipment for North America and Europe were available in early December for the holiday season.[5]

Later a Rise of the Lich King stein was released in April 2009, it is described as a high quality stoneware stein features the malevolent Lich King Arthas Menethil, the central figure in Blizzard Entertainment's recent Wrath of the Lich King expansion set, along with his undead army,[6] this one was drawn by Alex Horley.[2] This set was released with an epic collection and a legendary collection.[4]

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