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The World of Warcraft soundtrack was composed and arranged by Jason Hayes, Tracy W. Bush, Derek Duke and Glenn Stafford. It was released on November 23, 2004 together with the collector's edition of the game.[1] The soundtrack can also be purchased via the Blizzard Store, iTunes or Amazon.

It features most of the compositions featured in the original release of the game. Many of the earlier Warcraft game soundtracks are referenced in the composition of the score. Stylistically, the soundtrack is closer to that of Warcraft III than any of the previous titles, which may be due to the fact that the same man, Jason Hayes, was the major contributor to both soundtracks. All tracks with the exception of any vocals are synthesized.

Track list Edit

# Title Time
1 Legends of Azeroth [Main Title] 2:41
2 The Shaping of the World [Collector Exclusive] 2:25
3 Legacy [Collector Exclusive] 2:26
4 Song of Elune [Collector Exclusive] 2:15
5 Echoes of the Past [Collector Exclusive] 1:54
6 A Call to Arms 2:19
7 Seasons of War 2:58
8 Stormwind 2:15
9 Orgrimmar 2:15
10 Undercity 2:28
11 Thunder Bluff 2:37
12 Darnassus 2:45
13 Ironforge 2:15
14 Elwynn Forest 3:04
15 Duskwood 6:02
16 Dun Morogh 7:31
17 Burning Steppes 2:27
18 Shimmering Flats 4:08
19 Felwood 2:38
20 Stranglethorn Vale 4:13
21 Tanaris 2:32
22 Teldrassil 3:56
23 Tavern 1:14
24 Moonfall 0:49
25 Ruins 1:17
26 Temple 1:04
27 Lurking 1:01
28 Sacred 1:11
29 Graveyard 1:08
30 War 0:48

References Edit

  1. ^ World of Warcraft official site. World of Warcraft Soundtrack. Retrieved on March 6, 2009.

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