Mosaic Cover Art

Cover art.

The World of Warcraft: Mosaic Soundtrack was composed and arranged by Russell Brower, Derek Duke, Glenn Stafford, Matt Uelmen, David Arkenstone and Edo Guidotti. It contains many tracks that were added in patches or that didn't make it into the expansion soundtracks. It was available for purchase for those who attended Blizzcon 2009.

Track list Edit

# Title Time Composer
1 To the End of the Earth 2:45 Stafford
2 Honor Hold 2:14 Uelmen
3 Black Temple 9:15 Brower
4 Mag'har 2:54 Uelmen
5 Fury of the Sunwell 7:59 Brower
6 Tempest Keep 3:08 Duke
7 Winter's Grasp 2:27 Duke
8 Karazhan 6:29 Brower
9 The Gods of Zul'Aman 3:46 Duke
10 The Sundered Shard 4:30 Brower
11 Ironforge 4:26 Stafford
12 Secrets of Ulduar 11:35 Stafford
13 Signs and Mysteries 1:02 Brower
14 Sapphiron 0:48 Brower
15 Call of the Crusade 11:38 Arkenstone
16 Brewfest! 3:00 Guidotti

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