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The first World of Warcraft fansite to launch on the day the game was announced was[1] when Rush and Elly opened the boards of the site. The site covered the development of the game from its original "MMO RTS" genre into the regular MMO RPG it is today. Pioneering content such as an extensive map section with all flightpaths of Azeroth for both Alliance and Horde, guides for professions and other parts of the gameplay together with making a User Interface Mod database, the site became the then biggest World of WarCraft fansite.

The site went through a few different layouts, similar in design to their other big sites ( and, and for a few months it was moved into before it received the layout it has today, sometime in early 2008. is now redirecting to

The site today has extensive information on everything to do with World of Warcraft, including class guides, maps, news, forums, user blogs and more. It also has an extensive repository of addons, and a WoW Database which are linked below. Although no longer the biggest or only source for WoW info, it's always been one of the cornerstones of the community.

Main Content and RMT

RMT (real money trading) or "goldselling" as it's more commonly known is something that the staff and most members at strongly oppose, and even takes a firmer stance on it than Blizzard.[citation needed]

Contact the Crew

The best way to contact is to leave a message for Maticus, the main Administrator of the site, and she welcomes any feedback. The other admins of the site are Leord, Rushster and Elly.


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  • is not associated with IncGamers or in any way and is goldselling site.
  • Wowdigger appears to have a much lower rate of data contribution than other popular DBs.[2]


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  2. ^ See the Wowdigger Wintergrasp NPC list (was only 4 as of 22-April-2009, compared to 67 at Wowhead and probably inflated 318 at Wowdb).

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