The Worgen in the Woods was a quest chain in Duskwood that sent players killing the feral Worgen who were threatening Darkshire.

Synopsis Edit

Calor of Darkshire wants to expunge evil and heresy from Duskwood but found that the Night Watch Militia had other more pressing matters to attend to. Disillusioned, he joined with Jonathan Carevin in attacking the Worgen that threaten much of Duskwood. He sends the player out to kill Nightbane Shadow Weavers in the Rotting Orchard and Brightwood Grove.(Part 1) He is impressed by the player's abilities and states that the creatures seem to appear out of thin air. He requests for the thinning of numbers of Nightbane Dark Runners, a tougher breed of Worgen who make up the bulk of the population. The Worgen repopulate so rapidly that Calor almost expects the player to abandon his request, but he is sure that Master Carevin will get to the bottom of the problem.(Part 2)

He sends the player after Nightbane Vile Fangs and Nightbane Tainted Ones next, the toughest Worgen around, who congregate around Roland's Doom. Located in south east Duskwood, the abandoned mine is so populated with Worgen that their bonfires can be seen from far away. After dispatching several of the creatures, Calor admits that he did not expect the player to survive against the Worgen this long. He offers to write a letter of recommendation to Master Carevin, extending membership into their Worgen-fighting band.(Part 3) Master Carevin, though brusque at first, reads the letter and graciously accepts the player into their ranks. Demons, Undead, and those that provide them aid beware, for the Carevin watch party just gained a new member!(Part 4)

Rewards Edit

Completing the entire quest chain yielded the following:

Summary Edit

  1. Alliance 15 [28] Worgen in the Woods (Part 1)
  2. Alliance 15 [28] Worgen in the Woods (Part 2)
  3. Alliance 15 [28] Worgen in the Woods (Part 3)
  4. Alliance 15 [28] Worgen in the Woods (Part 4)