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Neutral 32 The Wolfcult
Main leaderShade of Arugal
Secondary leadersVarlam, Selas, and Goremaw
Race(s)Humans, Worgen
CapitalShadowfang Tower on Bloodmoon Isle
Other major citiesSilverbrook, Solstice Village
Theater of operationsGrizzly Hills, Northrend
Main languageCommon
AffiliationThe Scourge

The Wolfcult is a mysterious organization that is predominantly found in the Grizzly Hills of southern Northrend. It is led by none other than the Shade of Archmage Arugal, who had previously adopted the worgen of Silverpine Forest in northern Lordaeron as his children. After he was defeated and beheaded by agents of the Horde, Arugal's headless body was buried at the foot of the path leading up to his former stronghold of Shadowfang Keep. At the behest of the Lich King, the darkfallen princes Keleseth, Valanar, Theraldis and Atherann resurrected Arugal in the service of the Scourge and sent him to the Grizzly Hills to subvert the trapper communities.


As indicated by Theraldis' comments in Neutral 15 [75] Out of Body Experience, Arugal was sent to Solstice Village to convert the population into worgen, and later did the same in Silverbrook. He then settled his base of operations in Shadowfang Tower on Bloodmoon Isle, off the Eastwind Shore. The majority of the populations of the trapper villages willingly joined the Wolfcult, while those who resisted were killed or (in the case of the workers of the Hollowstone Mine) cursed to undeath.

Until the Alliance sent emissaries to ally with the locals in Silverbrook, the Wolfcult operated in secrecy; however, the Alliance eventually discovered the truth behind the trappers. (By contrast, Conqueror Krenna, leader of the Horde's Conquest Hold, seems to dismiss any talk about worgen as "nonsense", as indicated in the completion text for Official horde mini-icon [75] My Enemy's Friend.) Players are then sent on a series of quests involving the seer Ruuna the Blind and the trapper Sasha, whose father Mikhail was killed by the Wolfcult, culminating in a final battle with the shade of Arugal at Shadowfang Tower.


These humans have the ability to transform into a worgen at will and are not forced to change at night. When they are killed they transform back into humans, ending their curse. However, there are some that have changed into a full fledged worgen, these do not change and will remain as a skinnable worgen after death.

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