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WoW Insider, formerly known as, is a popular blog and news site about World of Warcraft that occasionally references WoWWiki. This site was originally a spin-off of Joystiq in late 2005, but now is reachable as a subdomain of Joystiq as of September 2010.[2]

Current bloggers

  • Olivia Grace
    Blood Sport, Addon Spotlight, General WoW news
  • Michael Gray (lead)
    WoW Moviewatch, The Classifieds, Phat Loot Phriday, WoW Rookie
  • Adam Holisky (senior editor)
    The WoW Insider Show, The Queue, Today in WoW
  • Mathew McCurley
    The Lawbringer, General WoW news, The Queue, Reader UI of the Week, Breakfast Topic
  • Anne Stickney (lead)
    Weekly Podcast Roundup, The Daily Quest, Know Your Lore, All the World's a Stage, World of WarCrafts, The Queue
  • Robin Torres
    Blog Azeroth, Blog Azeroth Shared Topic, Breakfast Topic, Drama Mamas, It came from the Blog, Choose My Adventure Live, General WoW news
  • Alex Ziebart (editor-in-chief)
    The Queue, WoW Archivist, MMO Roundup, Two Bosses Enter

Infrequent bloggers

Past bloggers

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WoW Insider's contribution

WoW Insider contributed to this wiki by adding the article Laos Flipor.


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