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== [[User:Wikia]] ==
I would be best because I'm the most welcoming user on this wiki.
If you look at [[Special:Contributions/Wikia|my contributions]] 
you won't find anyone with more welcomes.
-- {{user|Wikia}} ~~~~~

=== Comments ===
* ...

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Yalasen ^^[[1]] Edit

I would be best simply because I can dedicate alot of time to the site, that will not be squandered but will be used to develop and further the site with my broad knowledge of Quests in game and my natural ability to double check my publishings. I also have a good knowledge of how to use the Quest Boiler Plates and how to customise them accordingly. I didn't want to write any more in case it seemed long and looked like I waffled on.

/Yal x :3 [[2]]

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