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Signup to be the Battlegrounds - PvP expert below. Please include a short explanation for why you think you would be a good candidate. Links to diffs or new pages created is a plus.

Example (wikitext when using "source" mode editor):

== [[User:Wikia]] ==
I would be best because I'm the most welcoming user on this wiki.
If you look at [[Special:Contributions/Wikia|my contributions]] 
you won't find anyone with more welcomes.
-- {{user|Wikia}} ~~~~~

=== Comments ===
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Press Add Topic   button to sign up (put your username link, [[User:Yourusername]], in Subject/headline: entry box at top right). .

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Rated Battlegrounds


It looks as though the rated battleground topic is empty so far; I played through last season on both realm teams and openraid teams, and pulled together both beginner groups and more advanced players on two different nights for cross-realm events. I have not contributed much toward wowwiki in a while, but would like the opportunity to contribute to these empty categories as Mists starts up. I am an excellent technical writer with strong research skills. -- holyterror (talk · contr) 22:48, September 22, 2012 (UTC)


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