Usage Edit

Start with {{Craft/Header}} then use {{Craft|<item name>}} for enchants and {{Craft|Enchant|<slot>|<Enchant name>}} for enchants. Use parameters alliance and horde to add crafters. Close table with |}

Demo Edit

{{Craft|Item|Frostmourne|alliance=bob, billy, betty|horde=john, james, jenny}}
{{Craft|Item|Robes of Rhonin|horde=[[User:Gourra|Gourra]]}}
{{Craft|Enchant|Weapon|Crusader|alliance=[ Ose]}}
Item Alliance 15Alliance Horde 15Horde

Inv sword 48 [Ashbringer]


Inv sword frostmourne [Frostmourne]

bob, billy, betty john, james, jenny

Inv chest cloth 49 [Robes of Rhonin]


[Enchant Weapon - Crusader]


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