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MediaWiki Search Edit

The following information is how to search WoWWiki using MediaWiki's in house search engine using Search WoWWiki found in the navigation menu.

WoWWiki simply tries to find documents that contain the phrases you enter. It is not programmed to answer questions, or search for "what you mean".

A bad search string
What is the Druid's healing spell called?

This will return pages containing any of the words in that phrase, starting with the pages that contain the most of them closest to that order.

What you should search for is what the page you are looking for might contain or a much more general reference that would lead you to what you're looking for:

A better search string
Druid spell

Any page that pertains to Druids and Spells is likely to pop up (avoid plurals and other suffixes, as searching for spell will turn up 'spell' 'spells' 'spelling' etc). Chances are that any page dealing with Spells and Druids will have some mention of the Druid's healing spell. If this query should fail, you could try even more general with a single word, such as 'spells' or 'druids'.

Icon-shortcutSee also: Mediawiki-logo-18x24  Meta-Wiki Help:Searching 

Google search Edit

You can also search using Google. The Monaco skin (the current skin) contains a link to the Google search box on the search page, you can also access the page by visiting here.

Restoring the MediaWiki Search Box Edit

The easy way

This code is specific to the WoWWiki skin.

// Show both Search Boxes
function twoSearch() {
  var googleSearch = document.getElementById('p-search').innerHTML.replace("Search", "Google Search");
  var wikiSearch = "<h5><label for='searchInput'>Wiki Search</label></h5><div id='searchBody' class='pBody'>";
  wikiSearch = wikiSearch + "<form action='/index.php?title=Special:Search' id='searchform'>";
  wikiSearch = wikiSearch + "<div><input id='searchInput' name='search' value='' type='text'>";
  wikiSearch = wikiSearch + "<input name='go' class='searchButton' id='searchGoButton' value='Go' type='submit'>";
  wikiSearch = wikiSearch + "&nbsp;<input name='fulltext' class='searchButton' id='mW-searchButton' value='Search' type='submit'>";
  wikiSearch = wikiSearch + "</div></form></div>";
  document.getElementById("p-search").innerHTML = googleSearch + wikiSearch;


The hard way

If you prefer the MediaWiki's built-in search to the Google search used by the default "wowwiki" skin, adding the following code to your user JS will replace it with a replica of the MediaWiki search box:

addOnloadHook(function() {
	var elm = document.getElementById("searchBody");

	if (elm) {
		while (elm.lastChild) elm.removeChild(elm.lastChild);

		elm = elm.appendChild(document.createElement("form")); = "searchform";
		elm.action = "/Special:Search";
		elm.method = "get";

		for (var i = 0; i < 16; i++) {
			elm = elm.appendChild(document.createElement("input"));
			elm.type = "hidden"; = "ns" + i;
			elm.value = 1;
			elm = elm.parentNode;

		elm = elm.appendChild(document.createElement("input")); = "searchInput";
		elm.accesskey = "f"; = "search";
		elm.size = "25"; = "125px";

		elm = elm.parentNode.appendChild(document.createElement("input")); = "searchGoButton";
		elm.type = "submit";
		elm.className = "searchButton"; = "go";
		elm.value = "Go";

		elm = elm.parentNode.appendChild(document.createTextNode(" "));

		elm = elm.parentNode.appendChild(document.createElement("input")); = "mw-searchButton";
		elm.type = "submit";
		elm.className = "searchButton"; = "fulltext";
		elm.value = "Search";

Browser Searches Edit

Firefox Edit

Firefox search plug-ins for WoWWiki can be found at

Firefox has the ability to have search bookmarks and aliases for them. To add the traditional "Go" button functionality in WoWWiki using Firefox, then add a new bookmark, name it something such as WoWWiki Search, or whatever you feel you'll remember. For the location enter For a keyword, you may want to use ww, wowwiki, or wowwikisearch. To call the function in the commonly-used URL address bar you type ww thunderfury and the result will give you Thunderfury.

Immediately before %s you can add Template:, for example, then when you type wwtemplate gems the result would return Template:Gems.

Internet Explorer 7 Edit

You can add search providers to Internet Explorer 7 search by using this form.

Other Search Tools Edit

To search any Fandom community, you can use the search box at the top of every page. Using the icon drop-down at the left of the search box, you can switch between local and global searches (across a single community versus across all of Fandom).


As of 2016/09, the search is powered by a custom engine[1]. This includes certain features such as:

  • Stemming [2] — for some languages (e.g. English) it can automatically match words that share a common root. This means that when searching for "practice", the engine also looks for "practicing", practices", "practiced" and so forth.
  • Boolean search — this provides options to filter the search by using optional keywords, such as "AND", "OR", and "NOT".
  • Character folding[3][4]- the search engine can also handle diacritics by normalizing the text in the before searching (this might not work for all languages), e.g. "introducao imersao" == "introdução imersão" , fiancée == fiancee.

Additional features:

  • Cross-wiki — the search engine matches content from other wikis, based on certain keywords related to them.
  • Search by file types — namely videos or images.

Advanced Search

Your initial search will likely only search the main namespace, plus a few others. After you search, you may find that you need to expand your search to other areas of the wiki. To do this, click the "Advanced" link that appears at the upper right side of the search results page. It will open a box that allows you to select more namespaces and continue searching.


Advanced search allows you to select more namespaces

Search Keywords

The search engine allows certain keywords that may yield more or less results. One should note that certain symbols are ignored and stripped from the search results, for example, Paper&planes is equivalent to Paper OR planes , or Paper planes.

Boolean operators

These operators can be used to filter results by using words such as "AND" , "OR" , and "NOT".

This excludes a certain word from search, e.g. "Infobox NOT portable" -> results.
This is the default search, and is used whenever there is a space, symbol or keyword the search engine ignores, e.g. "Infobox OR portable" === "Infobox portable" -> results.
This is an inclusive search including all terms, e.g. "Infobox AND portable" -> results.
The above keywords can be combined to yield different and sometimes better results, e.g. "Infobox AND portable NOT classic".

Note: As of 2016/09 the search engine does not support searching for an exact phrase (or term) search even when quotes are included, e.g. "Infobox portable" is always equivalent to Infobox OR portable.

Other ways to find pages

How to create a search box

  • To add a search box to any article, just type: <inputbox>type = search</inputbox> in the classic editor. It will produce this box:

Next pages

Further help and feedback


  1. User blog:Daniel Baran/Search Developments: Big Picture
  2. Stemming for full-text. Retrieved 2016/10/07
  3. Character folding .

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