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Neutral 32 Western Plaguelands
Level 35-40
CapitalAndorhal (30,120)
RacesIconSmall Lich MaleIconSmall AbominationIconSmall BansheeIconSmall GhoulIconSmall Skeleton Scourge (30,875)
IconSmall Human MaleIconSmall Human Female Human (8,400)
RulersKel'Thuzad,Tirion Fordring
Major settlementsHearthglen (8,000),
Caer Darrow (875),
Andorhal (30,000)
Minor settlementsChillwind Camp (100),
Menders' Stead (70),
Felstone Field/Dalson's Farm/Gahrron's Withering
AffiliationScourge/Argent Crusade/Stormwind 50 120
LocationEast OfLordaeron

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