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PvP Titles Edit

Alliance 15 Alliance
Grand Marshal
  • name
  • name
Merciless Gladiator
  • name
Vengeful Gladiator
  • name
Brutal Gladiator
  • name
Horde 15 Horde
High Warlord
  • Capfrekiamazα
  • Sizzleα
  • Krang
  • Crazycow
  • Ballrog
  • Pandamcpanda
  • Clovilda
  • Holkan
  • Paopao
  • Sharkon
  • Tresor
  • Dozi
  • Clovilda
  • Pyrofreak
  • Clarance
  • Bardo
  • Razorblade
  • Leigh
  • Jase
  • Shivix
  • Hatory
  • Forne
  • Ninjacaveman
  • Scudzy
  • Kariak
  • Diafei
  • name
Merciless Gladiator
  • name
Vengeful Gladiator
  • name
Brutal Gladiator
  • Babyishboo
  • Yliche
  • Dahboo (#1 team in the Ruin Battlegroup)
  • Jdawg
  • Decapitation
  • Mokumoku
  • Keyoke
  • Tresor
  • Murtezza
  • Magarr
  • Iceshardx
  • Gossack
  • Bombtracks
  • Riser
  • Dollarfiveo
  • Babynimbles
  • Bdlc
  • Bustabust
  • Galice
  • Bustalol
  • Degausser
  • Chuchutrain (#1 team in the Ruin Battlegroup)
  • Phaelon
  • Xidanee
  • Tortillanutz
Horde 15 Scarab Lord - Stormheart

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Source Edit

This item drops from NPC in the Subzone in Zone.


This item is a World drop.


This item is a rare drop from Trash Mobs in Stratholme.


This item is a reward from the quest Horde 15 [27] Garments of the Light which begins with NPC in the Subzone in Zone. To complete the quest, you must turn the following items to NPC:

You must also be Neutral with Faction.


This item is crafted by Blacksmiths with a skill level of X who also have the Axesmith specialty.

The components are:
Inv misc gem emerald 03
5x [Malachite]
Spell fire volcano
3x [Essence of Fire]
Inv misc leatherscrap 03
1x [Light Leather]

Required tools:

[Recipe: Flask of Chromatic Resistance] drops off Gyth in Upper Blackrock Spire.
[Plans: Golden Scale Boots] drops off creatures with their levels in the high 30s and low 40s. It can also be found in chests near creatures of this level.
[Design: The Natural Ward] is sold by Fedryen Swiftspear in the Cenarion Refuge in Zangarmarsh. The design costs 12Gold. You must be exalted with the Cenarion Expedition to purchase this design.
[Schematic: Gyrofreeze Ice Reflector] is sold by Xizzer Fizzbolt in Everlook in Winterspring for 1Gold 20Silver in limited quantity.
This pattern is taught by Master Leatherworkers

As an ingredient Edit

Blacksmithing Edit

  • Blacksmith Item 1
  • Blacksmith Item 2

Tailoring Edit

  • Tailoring Item 1
  • Tailoring Item 2

As a quest objective Edit

  • Horde 15 Linked Quest
  • Alliance 15 Linked Quest
  • Neutral 15 Linked Quest

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