This page is intended to be a collection of roleplaying related material where you can find links to RP tutorial articles as well as player-created fan fiction and roleplaying histories. This is not meant to be a play-by-play worklog to chronicle your PvE or PvP experiences, but to be a collection of lore created by you -- the player!
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Role Playing Edit

This page is for those who enjoy roleplaying and wish to make a record of the events and storylines that they create either through RPing or other means. This is not a worklog or a journal for your Warcraft gameplay, but more of a fan fiction lore section for you to chronicle your Warcraft-derivative storylines. It focuses on roleplaying and stories that evolve from events occurring in-game rather than the forum posting type that involves users responding to each other's posts and creating a story based on that out-of-game. Examples of what should be listed here are player character biographies and Guild articles with a written history or background, usually revolving around existing in-game events but elaborating upon them by involving your characters.

This form of player-created material does not necessarily have to rely strictly on canon Warcraft lore, especially if a player character has a unique back-story independent of Warcraft history. Just as long as a story of some kind exists, it is worthy of the Roleplaying Compendium.

Fan Fiction Edit

  • Add a link to your fanfic here!

The True Story of Elune

Character Profiles Edit

For Player Characters with fictional histories and backgrounds that either revolve around Warcraft lore or stem from independent fan fiction. If you have a good one that you've written, add it.

Please add only detailed characters to this list. If your character is just a name, level, race and class, it is uninteresting. A roleplayer needs more than just flat characters; they need characters of interest with an expansive breadth of background information. Try to immerse yourself into the character while writing him or her, so they can have a life of their own. What are the character's dreams, accomplishments, beliefs, prejudices, desires, companions, etc.? If your character interacts with another character of minor importance, please do not make a separate stub on the insignificant character. Nobody wants to click on the name's link to find one sentence on your minor character. Just content yourself with having a little information inside your major character's story.

Guild Profiles Edit

For Guilds that focus on roleplaying and create fictional histories and backgrounds that revolve around canon Warcraft lore.

External Resources Edit

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