Project details Edit

Organize all profession proficiency pages with a common format. Format will promote ease-of-use and will look generally pleasing. This project will only affect the professions that have a unorganized proficiency page.

General format Edit

{| class="darktable zebra"
! Item !! Level ({{text|#ff8040|Orange}}) !! {{text|yellow|Yellow}} !! {{text|#40bf40|Green}} !! {{text|gray|Gray}}
|- align="center"
| align=left |{{item|icon=|Item Name}}|| {{text|#ff8040|Minimum level to craft}} || {{text|yellow|level when name is yellow}} || {{text|#40bf40|level when name is green}} || {{text|gray|level when name is gray}}

Example of format:

Item Level (Orange) Yellow Green Gray
Inv chest plate03 [Runed Copper Breastplate] 80 120 140 160


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Page status Edit

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Pages Completed:

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