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Kuru is a force indeed not to reckon with, he loves evil deeds. He also loves to watch things suffer, and he is a very very cold hearted person. He used to not be like this, he used to be a kind gentleman that would help people all day. That changed once he went to the World Tree in Hyjal and slayed the Dragonflight and absorbed the fel energy contained in Archimonde's bones and successfully absorbed all of the energy of the World Tree, Nordrassil. Kuru became very very very powerful after that point, and to keep the tree alive, he corrupted the tree with Fel energy. The tree now supplies strength to all demons / minions under the control of Kuru, including Archimonde. Preforming a very risky ritual, Kuru infused all the souls of the dead he has killed into an evil Scythe. He then ripped all the flesh from his body (except his reproductive parts, ie. penis) so he would just be bones, and now he lives off of souls. His bones are kept together due to fel energy, and even self repairs if damaged. His power is so immense due to the World Tree, and the souls of the dead imbedded into his Scythe, that he is not only immortal, but un-killable. Now all he does is explore the world and kill stuff on the way. He truly has an adventurous heart, but his evilness just might be his downfall. Kuru however does care for a small amount of things, for example he is the first openly homosexual male in Azeroth. When he dates other males, he is indeed respectful, and even kind to the boyfriend.

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Kuru in Orgrimmar

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