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WoWWiki uses thousands of icons (small symbolic images usually squarish and around 64x64 pixels or smaller). To represent much of the World of Warcraft data, WoWWiki has local versions of WoW icons to match what you see in the in-game UI and on game related websites. WoWWiki also has its own icons for common navigation or representing other Warcraft-related pieces of information that are needed that don't exist at other places. For example, Undone and Done are simple checkbox icons to show some sort of status. Another game-related example would be Mists-Logo-Small as an icon to identify Mists of Pandaria information in a compact form.

Often you will see WoWWiki icons that look like official Warcraft graphics, but often they are slightly modified, re-sized versions, or changed to a different image format, so they are not technically official images.

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Lists of WoWWiki icons Edit

Large WoWWiki icons Edit

Some of these icons may be unused.

  • Patchnotes-icon-death knight - 38x35
  • Patchnotes-icon-druid - 38x35
  • Patchnotes-icon-hunter - 38x35
  • Patchnotes-icon-mage - 38x35
  • Patchnotes-icon-monk - 38x35
  • Patchnotes-icon-priest - 38x35
  • Patchnotes-icon-rogue - 38x35
  • Patchnotes-icon-shaman - 38x35
  • Patchnotes-icon-warlock - 38x35
  • Patchnotes-icon-warrior - 38x35
  • Pvp-arenapoints-icon - 32x32 (png)
  • Searchicon - 44x20 (png)
  • Icon-block - 48x48 (svg)
  • Icon-add - 48x48 (svg)
  • Icon-audio - 48x48 (svg)
  • Icon-player - 48x48 (svg)
  • Icon-remove - 48x48 (svg)
  • Icon-search - 48x48 (svg)
  • Bnetapp-badge error - 39x38 (png)
  • Badge battlenet - 45x45 (png)
  • Icon-back-48x48 - 48x48 (png)
  • Icon-chat - 48x48 (svg)
  • Icon-cleanup-48x48 - 48x48 (png)
  • Icon-disambig-48x48 - 48x48 (png)
  • Icon-next-48x48 - 48x48 (png)
  • Icon-move - 48x48 (svg)
  • MoMMiki-cats - 138x138 (png)
  • Icon-font - 128x128 (svg)
  • Ambox scales - 620x620 (svg)
  • Ability physical 32x32 - 32x32 (png)
  • Ability holy 32x32 - 32x32 (png)
  • Ability fire 32x32 - 32x32 (png)
  • Ability frost 32x32 - 32x32 (png)
  • Ability nature 32x32 - 32x32 (png)
  • Ability shadow 32x32 - 32x32 (png)
  • Icon-article-48x48 - 48x48 (png)
  • Icon-email-48x48 - 48x48 (png)
  • Icon-external-48x48 - 48x48 (png)
  • Icon-image-48x48 - 48x48 (png)
  • Icon-policy-48x48 - 48x48 (png)
  • Icon-image - 48x48 (svg)

Uncategorized WoWWiki icons Edit

  • Icon-redirect-25x25 - 25x25 (png)
  • Wwchecker - 16x16 (svg)

Gigantic WoWWiki icons Edit

150 x 150

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