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Typee Subtype Specific
Elemental type Colossus General - Colossus
IconSmall ColossusBc icon
Emerald Colossus
IconSmall EmeraldColossusIcon Cataclysm 18x18
Frost giant
IconSmall FrostGiant
Fungal giant Bc icon
IconSmall FungalGiant
Molten giant
IconSmall MoltenGiant
Mountain giant
IconSmall MountainGiant
Stone giant Wrath-Logo-Small
IconSmall StoneGiant
Stone keeper
IconSmall StoneKeeper
Humanoid type Fire giant Wrath-Logo-Small
IconSmall FireGiant
Gronn Bc icon
IconSmall Gronn
Ice giant Wrath-Logo-Small
IconSmall IceGiant
Iron giant Wrath-Logo-Small
IconSmall IronGiant
Magnaron Warlords-Logo-Small
Sea giant
IconSmall SeaGiant
Storm giant Wrath-Logo-Small
IconSmall StormGiant
Titans Vanir
{{RaceIcon|Titan|Male}} / {{RaceIcon|Titan|Female}}
IconSmall Titan MaleIconSmall Titan Female
{{RaceIcon|Aesir|Male}} / {{RaceIcon|Aesir|Female}}
IconSmall Aesir MaleIconSmall Aesir Female
Dark titan
{{RaceIcon|DarkTitan|Male}} / {{RaceIcon|DarkTitan|Female}}
IconSmall DarkTitan MaleIconSmall DarkTitan Female
Stone titan
IconSmall StoneTitan Male

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