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* Get the "Cataclysm Raider" title on your profile.
* Get the "Cataclysm Raider" title on your profile.
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The Cataclysm Raids expert has the job of making sure Cataclysm Raids (10/25-man) related pages are patrolled (follow Recent Changes for Cataclysm Raids related pages), accurate and up-to-date. Time should also be put into adding new pages for bosses, drops, and trash mobs.

Must have
  • Actively runs Cataclysm Raids.
  • Knowledge of Cataclysm Raids strategies.
  • Follows Cataclysm Raids news.
Nice to have
  • Knowledge of Cataclysm Raids strategies for each major role (melee/ranged DPS, Healer, and Tank).
  • Knowledge of differences between Heroics and Normal.
  • Member of a top 100 US or EU region progression raiding guild.
  • Get the "Cataclysm Raider" title on your profile.

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