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The Blacksmithing expert has the job of making sure Blacksmithing related pages are patrolled (follow Recent Changes for Blacksmithing related pages), accurate and up-to-date. Time should also be put into adding new related pages (missing created items, lists, guides, recipes, trainers, etc.).

Must have
  • Has at least one level 525 Blacksmithing character (600 when 0500Mists-Logo-Small comes out?).
  • Knowledge of at least one Blacksmithing specialization and related quests.
  • Knowledge of Blacksmithing items in-demand.
  • Follows Blacksmithing news.
Nice to have
  • Extensive experience with all Blacksmithing specializations.
  • Knowledge of how to get several epic Blacksmithing recipes.
  • Get the "Blacksmithing expert" title on your profile.

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