The Javascript expert has the job of improving and maintaining WoWWiki's many Javascript functions. Although site-wide JS can only be edited by admins, the Javascript expert can test JS changes at Special:MyPage/wikia.js. A trusted expert will have an accelerated path to adminship.

Must have
  • Fluent in Javascript with some code examples implemented to work with Wikia wikis.
  • Intermediate to advanced wikitext coding knowledge.
  • Desire to help others fix bugs in, improve, and make new JS functionality.
  • Desire to understand WoWWiki's current Javascript functionality and possibly help other language versions of WoWWiki implement similar systems.
Nice to have
  • Contributor of Javascript functions at Dev wikia.
  • Extensive experience with JQuery.
  • Understanding of HTML fragment loading from internal and external sources with Javascript.
  • Understands Javascript interactions with Semantic MediaWiki.
  • Professional programmer.
  • Get the "Javascript expert" title on your profile.
  • Accelerated path to adminship.

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