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Typee Subtype Specific
Sapient Demonhunter
IconSmall Demonhunter
Dreadlord General - Dreadlord
IconSmall Dreadlord
Tothrezim (NYI)
IconSmall Tothrezim
Ered'ruin Doomguard
IconSmall Doomguard
Doomlord 0200Bc icon
IconSmall Doomlord
Daemon (NYI)
IconSmall Daemon
Floating eye 0200Bc icon
IconSmall FloatingEye
Fiend 0200Bc icon
IconSmall Fiend
IconSmall Grell
IconSmall Imp
Man'ari eredar 0200Bc icon General - Man'ari
{{RaceIcon|Man'ari|Male}} / {{RaceIcon|Man'ari|Female}}
IconSmall Man'ari MaleIconSmall Man'ari Female
Wrathguard 0200Bc icon
IconSmall Wrathguard
Mo'arg 0200Bc icon General - Mo'arg
IconSmall Mo'arg
Spell shadow summonfelguard
Gan'arg 0200Bc icon
IconSmall Gan'arg
Pitlord 0200Bc icon
IconSmall PitLord
IconSmall Satyr
Shivarra 0200Bc icon
IconSmall Shivarra
IconSmall Succubus
Voidwalker General - Voidwalker
IconSmall Voidwalker
Voidcaller 0200Bc icon
IconSmall Voidcaller
Void god 0200Bc icon
IconSmall VoidGod
Void lord 0200Bc icon
IconSmall VoidLord
Voidwraith 0200Bc icon
IconSmall Voidwraith
Non-sapient Darkhound
IconSmall Darkhound
Demonic hound 0200Bc icon
IconSmall DemonicHound
IconSmall Felhunter
IconSmall Helboar
Infernal General - Infernal
Spell shadow summoninfernal
Abyssal 0200Bc icon
IconSmall Abyssal
Nightmare Felsteed
IconSmall Felsteed
IconSmall Dreadsteed
Void terror
IconSmall VoidTerror

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