Here's a preview of the two options for the default skin for WoWWiki -- let us know which one you think should be the default that users who aren't logged in will see. Of course, both skins will be available as options for logged-in users, as well as the current Monobook-based skin. The second color scheme is being demo's on the Wookipedia page (that is, Wookipedia itself will be using a different color scheme, it was just done using that page because it was the easiest at the time).

Hopefully I'll be able to share live demos of both of these color schemes soon, because they're not static skins like the current ones -- the sidebars are configurable, and the elements can be dragged around for each user. There are also a bunch of cool community features, like the list of recent editors.

Preview Default Skin 1 Preview Default Skin 2

Click on the images to get a closer look, and let us know what you think on the talk page!

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